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Corona virus is now affecting NFL, three San Francisco 49ers players suspected to be infected and sent to reserves/Covid List.

The Corona Virus has scared all of us. The virus has killed a huge number of people around the globe. The virus has affected multiple lives and multiple countries. COVID 19 virus is also highly contagious. It makes our respiratory system weak. It adversely affects the breathing rate and the oxygen intake of the patient. Right now, all the countries are trying to find the correct vaccination for the virus. People are losing their lives at a tremendous rate because there is no proper treatment for coronavirus or the covid-19.

The virus has affected all of us, directly or indirectly. The virus does not infect the people who are their home, and many are suffering financially and mentally as they are getting depressed by continuously staying at home. The covid-19 pandemic has changed The functioning of the world. People are getting dependent on technology. Online education policies and the E-commerce website getting more customers as people or ordering everything using online platforms to avoid human contact. Even now, that the world is back on track, people are taking precautionary measures. Everyone is keeping themselves as safe as possible.

Even in sports where physical interaction is needed, the precautions measures and standards are really high. Players are getting regularly checked, and they are getting proper medical attention even at the slight chance of becoming sick. American football team 49ers have put 3 of its members in the covid-19 list. These players are now on the list. The fans of the 49ers are disappointed by this news as a total of 4 athletes of the 49ers are now not in the team.

About those who have been quarantined:

Sports is the biggest and most major sources of entertainment now in the time of the pandemic. When Everything has stopped. But as we all know, sports such as football is a team game. The players get in contact with each other regularly. So, there is a high chance of spread of disease such as covid-19 which is highly contagious on the grounds of football. Something like that happened when 3 players of the 49ers WR Brandon Aiyuk, WR Deebo Samuel and Trent Williams made their place on the quarantine list which is now the covid-19 list.

We are not sure that why the members on a quarantined list that it is because they are positive for coronavirus or because they were in proximity with their fellow mate WR Kendrick Bourne who himself is infected with the virus and was already in the quarantine list or the supplementary list. The fans of the players, as well as the team, are heartbroken by this news as the performance of the team is going to be affected by this. New players are replacing the players who are on the list. The team will play in further matches with the new players. We are hoping the players to get well.

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