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Ford issues a withdrawal order for all SUVs manufactured within a specific period to resolve a suspension hitch.

Workers make every car’s design such that the car would be safe to use even in dangerous situations. Suppose a string of accidents transpires from a particular set of cars. In that case, it could harm the company’s business and lead to the enterprise’s potential downfall. Consequently, before news of such accidents makes the headline, the firm generally recalls all such cars to fix the problem as promptly as possible.

This specific event is what ensued with the notable company Ford plus their Explorer SUVs. The enterprise recently sent out a notice to retract all their cars to fix a specific predicament in the suspension. Although this decision may cost the enterprise some hefty losses, it is evident that they value customer safety over other insignificant matters.

Concerning: Ford

Ford stands a public transnational automotive manufacturer with headquarters situated in Michigan. It obtains its name from founder Henry Ford. The establishment deals in sedans, luxury vehicles, locomotive pieces, plus similar industrial coupés under its trademark. Furthermore, the corporation has also invested in vehicle leasing, service, in addition to automotive financing. The company is well-renowned for its industrial scalability, especially in marketing and managing large-scale sequential automobiles’ manufacture.

Being the U.S.’s largest automakers, second only to General Motors, the brand secured the world’s fifth largest-grossing vehicle manufacturer position. All of Ford’s cars bring in a hefty sum owing to the vehicle’s unique and characterizable features.

Dilemma: Ford

Only just recently, Ford issued an order to withdraw over 375,000 SUVs in the U.S. plus Canada alone. The general public received the justification of an urgent repair of a suspension hitch that they had encountered. This setback has already led to 1 thirteen consequent car crashes and resulting casualties. The recall order includes the 2013-2017 models that were produced at their Chicago Assembly Plant specifically. The date of manufacture specified lay between September 4, 2012, to January 25, 2017.

The company released an official statement on November 4, 2020, that declared the possibility of fracture of the rear toe links, resulting in reduced steering control. Nevertheless, the incident was only possible in areas where corrosion is a frequent occurrence. Additionally, they also mentioned those places where people use salt to melt ice on roads. The certified number of fatalities provided, although not including deaths, was six individuals thus far. The dealers have assured the owners that there will be a thorough inspection of all parts. Additionally, they will replace necessary gears, if so found mandatory. Customers will tentatively receive notifications during the last week of November.

Response: Ford

Specific individuals have been annoyed by this unprofessional nature of the company. Conversely, the others view their safety above all else, thus, agreeing to its recall decision. Additionally, several people have asked Ford for compensation since they could have been in a potentially life-or-death situation resulting from their negligence. Whatever the eventual outcome may turn out to be, it is more significant for the establishment to manage the matter at hand before all else.

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