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Veteran character actress Elsa Raven, who starred in films like “Back to the future” and “Titanic” died at the age of 91.

A true filmmaker knows the importance of building a relatable world. The films production crew and casting directors populate that world with interesting characters. These are the characters that make the atmosphere of the film feel genuine and not made up. Actors and actresses who play these characters are known as character actors. They are incredibly talented individuals who can portray a large variety of characters. Most times, these character actors/actresses get only seconds or minutes of screen time. So it is even more impressive when they leave their mark on the audience.

These incredibly talented individuals play the roles of eccentric characters with ease and even bring audiences to tears with their emotional acting. The character actors make us realise that no role is big or small, and every roll has its significance. The success of a movie depends on when the entire cast of the movie working together and bringing out their best performance to show on the screen. Usually, the main cast of the film gets all the praise from the fans and the critic as they are the main faces of the movie. But the character artist gives the story and the character a layer of depth. Any movie cannot be successful just by the main cast performances. The supporting characters and their roles are also important to take the story forward and tell the story to the audience the correct way.

One such incredible character actress was Elsa Raven. So the whole of Hollywood was surprised when the news of her passing became public. So, today we’ll bring you all the news about her career in movies and news of her passing.

About Elsa Raven:

Elsa was a veteran in Hollywood. She was born in 1929 and was into acting for almost her whole adult life. She was part of some of the most brilliant films of the last millennia. Born with the name Elsa Robinowitz, she changed her name when she got into her stage acting career. To pursue her dreams of Broadway and Hollywood, Elsa moved to New York. She was also one of the pioneers of New York Central Park’s famous Shakespeare Festival. She also fulfilled her Broadway dream by acting in several plays like “The Legend of Lizzie”.

But the acting performance which brought her the most fame was an eccentric role in the first Back to the future film. She played the role of a lady which Marty McFly meets during his adventure into the future. Yes!! Elsa was the lady who yelled, “Save the clock tower.” Ms Raven was also in the iconic James Cameroon’s Titanic Movie. Still, if you didn’t recognize her, she was the old lady who died with her husband in bed when the ship was flooding. These roles were only a small part of her shining career as a sought after character artist. She also had a profound T.v career.

The news of her death was announced to the public by her agent and casting manager. She passed away in Los Angeles in her home. Elsa was 91 years old and had an extended family. She has left in her wake a sad Hollywood and 15 nieces as well as nephews.

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