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New single by hip hop and pop artist Nicki Minaj, “What That Speed Bout?” Ft. Mike Will made-It and NBA Youngboy crosses half a million views on Youtube.

Covid-19 has certainly crippled the economy of the world. Many businesses and industries have shut down due to lack of business and insurmountable debts. But one Industry that has capitalised and even thrives during this pandemic is the entertainment industry. Even though movies and TV shows had to halt production, individual content creators have carved an audience for themselves. OTT as Ewell as streaming platforms have seen an unprecedented spike in viewership. So, many artists are trying to utilise this sudden boost in viewership by releasing the new albums. Even mainstream artist is following this trend.

One such Artist and musical talent are Nicki Minaj. She is famous for her bold style of music and her eccentric dressing sense. She is one of the few respected female artists in the hip-hop and rap genre. Nicki Minaj is famous for her Fearless style. She takes the risk of creating music, and every time she creates something new. She is a true master of her art. She always plays with her art and tries to give her audience new and interesting to listen. Does multiple collapses with different artist. She mostly does collaborations with female artists.

Some of her most famous collaborations are with Ariana Grande for the song bang bang and with a girl band Little Mix for the song “Woman like me”. She has a huge fan following. She does collaborations with new artists as well. Now Nicki Minaj is coming up with her new single, which is also a collaboration. The rapper is collaborating with NBA Youngboy Never broke again, and Mike WiLL made it. The single will be called “what that speed Bout? ”

About the Single:

Nicki Minaj is one of few mainstream artists who prefer to collaborate with another artist even from different genres of music. Some of the biggest hits like Bang have been collaborations with pop artists such as Ariana Grande and Little Mix. This time she has collaborated with two young talented artists like NBA Youngboy and Mike Will. The song has been released on YouTube and in hours of its release, it has got half a million views in just no time. This shows that fans of Nicki Minaj love her work and her craft. Fans of Nicki Minaj got to know about the release of the song through the artist’s Instagram post.

Nicki Minaj has recently become a mother, and this will be her first single after the birth of her son. “What that speed bout?” might be a precursor single to Mike Will’s upcoming album. Nicki Minaj and her Instagram post made this event that she is really proud of her new single. The singer is famous for always presenting something new on the table for her fans to enjoy. Her new single is also amazing to hear it have the personality of both the artists. The single is rocking and contains all the elements of a rap song.

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