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Russian Youtuber arrested for prank featuring statue and face of Putin gets relief from Russian supreme court.

Democracy is one of the basic need for the establishment of any society. Democracy provides equal rights and duties to everyone. In a democracy, there is no one man’s rule.  Everybody equally gets equal treatment according to the law. In every democratic Nation, the people elect their representatives according to there will for a particular period of time through general elections. The elected representative works in favour of the nation and represent his nation among other nations of the world for a particular duration.

Through elections in Russia, people change their representative. The basis of democracy is the rights, duties and laws written in the constitution. Democracy gives people the right to speak their mind and express their political and social views.

Two YouTubers got punished for making a mani queen wear a mask with the face of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin’s face on it in the year 2018. The young YouTubers were recording the reactions of the people to their prank. They held sentenced. Their punishment was as interference with the right to expression. They appeared in court recently. Their sentence got reduced.

About the reduced sentence:

Alexander Shabarchin and Danila Vasilyev were young YouTubers. Both the YouTubers were arrested in 2018. The YouTubers work pranking the Russian head of state, which in itself is a risky Endeavour in Russia. President Vladimir Putin is known for a strong image. He has a tough attitude towards any opposition. He does not look kindly towards criticism, and thus these YouTubers could have landed in some serious trouble. The government or any political party can not punish someone expressing his or her views on politics in a democratic Nation. Russia is a mighty democracy.

It was only recently that he announced he would not step down as president till 2024. The Russian president has also amended the constitution to remain in power. So it is nice to see that the Russian court still hold the democratic foundations of the current Russian government. In Russia, there is a restriction on free speech. For making fun of the president, Alexander Shabarchin got a two-year sentence.

Danila Vasilyev only got one year of a suspended sentence. Now, after his appeal, the Regional Court of Prem has decided to reduce Alexander’s sentence from a two-year sentenced to two years suspended sentence. This is a type of partial release. He will get 2 years sentence if he commits any crime in the future. This decision by the Russian court will certainly establish a more liberal standard. The Youtuber is thankful for this decision. The YouTuber will get out of jail soon. He will be back to his normal life. But this also shows how strict Russian authorities can be to any criticism, especially against their head of state. So it is essential while making a prank or joke that it doesn’t go too far and it is according to the law of that country.

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