A weekend viewing list for football fans, Bundesliga brings Der Klassiker and match between Werder Bremen vs FC Koln.

A new wave of COVID-19 infections are hitting Europe and the USA; more people are taking precautions. If you are in these regions, it is better to stay home this weekend and enjoy your favourite TV shows or sports programming. If you are a fan of sports and you want that Adrenaline Rush at home, then a perfect Sport for you is football. With two European football leagues going on right now there is no better time for football fans. Football is a team sport, and that’s why it is one of these sports which are affected by this pandemic. We have also seen NFL players getting infected by the coronavirus.

But these football leagues are taking proper precautions by keeping the players completely isolated before the games to eliminate any chance of a breakout. They also put a medical team on standby for any medical help required by the players. The players themselves are taking precautionary measures and avoiding any unnecessary physical interaction with their fans for their fellow mates. So if you are looking to get into the football fever, we have got the perfect plan for you. So here’s the weekend viewing list for the United States of America.

About Weekend Viewing Guide:

This weekend comes with both good news and bad news for us sports fans. Many interesting matches are coming to our TV sets this weekend including a Der Klassiker match of Bundesliga. But many of these teams are also struggling with injuries and suspicion of infection in some critical players.

There are multiple europian football leagues currently going on including German Bundesliga and Spanish La Liga. So We will talk about all the Bundesliga games coming to our tv screens this weekends. The match which takes place on Saturday is between Werder Bremen vs FC Koln. Werder Bremen is suffering because their star player Josh Sargent is not playing due to US national team duty. Unlike the Classic game, both teams are equally matched, and it is hard to predict a winner.

Der Klassiker game:

Every sport is famous for one legendary rivalry with two teams. This rivalry keeps the game interesting and gives the fans something to root for. In Spanish football league, La Liga it is El Classico between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. In the German football league, Bundesliga the rivalry is between Borussia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich.

The match between these teams is most popular in Bundesliga and is known as Der Klassiker. These two incredible teams are holding the first and second position in the league. So whoever wins will take the top position and will be the favourite to win the whole tournament.

Match between theses teams is scheduled on Saturday 7th November 2020. Berlin is the current defending champions. Berlin also has the most number of tournament victories to their name. So they are likely to win the game and have huge support from the crowd.

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