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After Meghan Markle, Prince Charles talks about fashion and environment with Vogue magazine.

Fashion is essential in all our lives. We all love to experiment with what we wear. Everyone follows new fashion trends in the market. It’s not only about the common people; even celebrities always try to look nice. They also try to stay in fashion for all their public appearances. Fashion is something for all the genders and all the ages. We can take risks without clothing; we can mix and match and create our own style, classic styles to look elegant. In fashion, there is something for everyone.

The clothes we wear help us in expressing our personality. Our clothes and our style also enhance our confidence. We get People’s attention, and people take us seriously when we look good. Vogue magazine is an entertainment and fashion magazine. It is a trendy magazine in different countries such as India, America and Britain. The magazine takes interview of famous personalities. Vogue also do fashionable photoshoots with celebrities and different fashion designers. Magazines provide us with the latest information in the industry of fashion and also about our celebrities. Multiple famous personalities take part in vogue photoshoots and give their interview to the magazine.

But the royal family never poses for fashion magazines. Meghan Markle was the first member of the royal family who posed for vogue last year. Meghan Markle also so did the editing of a particular edition of Vogue. Her edition was about women empowerment and also about saving our environment. Now after Meghan Markle, Prince Charles of the royal family is taking the lead in talking about fashion.


About Prince Charles’s interview to Vogue:

Last year Meghan Markle edited a particular edition of the fashion magazine Vogue. Now in 2020, Prince Charles is talking about his fashion secrets with Vogue. Prince Charles gave his interview to Edward Enninful. Edward Enninful is the editor of Vogue magazine in Britain. Prince Charles talked about how we should be aware of our carbon footprints. He said we should reuse and recycle as much as we can as the production of new products takes lots of energy.

Prince Charles talked about him repeating clothes. He said in the interview that he doesn’t like wasting his clothes and try to recycle his clothes as much as he can. He also said that he is glad that people are seeing him as a fashion icon. Young Prince also said that although he doesn’t put much effort in his fashion, he wears cloth which makes him look elegant and he sometimes colour co-ordinate his clothes as well. Prince Charles and Edward Enninful talked about creating sustainable fashion and decreasing waste production by recycling clothes. Prince Charles also shared some of his fashion secrets in the interview.

This message is especially important as the environment is the responsibility of the whole world. We all should take this responsibility very seriously and do our part for mother earth.

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