Clovis, situated in Fresno County, experiences mass power outages affecting almost 4,000 customers.

Power outages are quite a common occurrence in most countries, especially in developing ones. Nevertheless, contrary to most third-world countries, these outages do not last long in advanced countries such as America or Canada. Accordingly, such an event, where the masses experience a collective power failure, is bound to shock the residents and put immense pressure on the working authorities.

Unanticipated outages may ensue for quite many reasons, namely storms, power line impairments, traffic accidents, and so forth. Conversely, it may not even be due to outside interference. In such cases, one has to check if their circuit breakers have tripped or fuses have burned. These issues are fixable by the person relatively quickly. Nonetheless, suppose other houses are suffering from the same predicament. In such cases, it becomes most appropriate to contact the authorities to report this problem. This event is what transpired in Clovis on November 7, 2020.

Geography: Clovis

Clovis stands on the Fresno County, California, United States of America. It locates about 10.5 km northwest of downtown Fresno, with the altitude above sea level ensuing 110m. Consequent to its positioning at the Sierra Nevada mountain range’s foot, locals have termed ClovisGateway to the Sierras” right from the time of its establishment. Furthermore, it positions almost equidistant from Los Angeles and San Fransisco, contiguous to the San Joaquin Valley’s enriched soils.

However, the loose, unconsolidated alluvial fan formation in the Valley makes this region comparatively flat from a geographical viewpoint. Moreover, this region is frequently experiencing seismic faults, having a placement in an active zone. Many other factors have made the stretch geologically unstable, but not enough to endanger the residents’ lives.

Latest Power Outage: Clovis

Several expanses over Clovis plus Fresno underwent mass power outages on November 7, 2020. The electrical failure inflicted roughly 4,000 customers, give or take a few. According to the Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) official reports, the blackouts initiated at around 10:00 A.M. P.S.T. Additionally, they restored the services by about 1:00 P.M P.S.T.

Affected regions included Ashlan plus Clovis avenue surrounding localities and those close to Clovis Avenue and 5th Street and Shaw and Clovis avenues. Conversely, in Fresno, the communities adjacent to Abby Street, Olive Avenue, First Street, plus McKinley Avenue faced the same.

Prior Instances: Clovis

This incident is not the only time that Clovis has undergone such a mass interruption of services. The region experienced a similar instance last year. Almost over 20,000 customers suffered from the failure of gas and interruption of utilities. Furthermore, the region also underwent this difficulty again around late May of 2020. The incidents led to severe traffic disruptions and commotion in public stations such as the Save Mart Centre. Reportedly, the outage transpired as a consequence of equipment failure consequent to overheating.

The most suitable way of handling such a mass power outage is to first confirm with the neighbours. Following that, the affected individuals should contact the authorities as soon as possible to recover services promptly.

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