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A huge loss for the entire comedy world, Norm Crosby, died due to heart failure at the age of 93.

Laughter is truly the best medicine. Everyone is so stressed nowadays that sometimes we want to forget everything and laugh to release all the tension. People now days are stressed about their job, education, family, career etc. Teenagers and young adults who have just started their life education or career advice are the most stressed people. Comedy has now become a kind of social service.

Making people laugh is really tough to do, and only a true artist can make such large audience laugh. The trend of Stand up comedy is increasing and getting appreciated all around the globe. Even in conservative countries such as India, people are now understanding stand up comedy. The number of comedians is also increasing all around the globe. There are different forms of comedy gaining popularity nowadays such as basic stand up comedy, sketch comedy, roast etc.

Norm Crosby is a comedian of the very initial time of comedy. He was famous among his audience because of his unique style and personality, and he was always ready to do something different than his fellow comedians. Unfortunately, Norm Crosby passed away this Saturday. He was 93 years old. The news of his sudden and excruciating demise was given to the media by his daughter-in-law Maggie Crosby. It’s a huge loss for the entire comedy world. People and all the comedian are really sad about this news.

About Norm Crosby:

Norm Crosby who was the viral comedian of early 70s and 80s. He was famous for gravitating audience towards his comedy style and his charming personality, in his early phase of life used to do comedy shows not only on television but also in night clubs and bars. His unique style, which was different from the comedians of his time made him popular. He died on 7th of November 2020.

He died due to heart failure. The sad news was given to us by his daughter in law. The entire comedy industry is devastated. His family and friends are really sad about this loss. This is huge news for the comedy world and all of us. Even today’s generation is a fan of Norm Crosby. Norm Crosby in this early start of his career did multiple varieties of comedy including making parodies and going to roasts.

Audiences were interested in knowing what he will do next and enjoyed his variety of comedy. He used to make fun of pronunciations of people. Norm Crosby had faced both heart shape and criticism at the start of his career.


Early life and struggles of Norm Crosby:


He lost his hearing ability during the time of World War II. this affected him, but he came over his fears and decided to continue his comedy with the help of Hearing Aid. Do the people were not very appreciative towards it. Norm Crosby got criticized for wearing Hearing Aid while on stage.

It was hard to accept for both the people and his fellow mates that how can a man without hearing ability can go on stage and do comedy in front of so many people. Norm Crosby was never ashamed of himself for his Hearing Aid. He was a real war Hero as he lost his hearing ability while serving his nation in war.

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