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Market research report shows bright future for the telecom industry, report predict investment opportunities for growth till 2025.

Coronavirus has changed the meaning of normal for us. Some people have not stepped out of their houses for the past 6 months now. People are not getting to see their friends and their family. All the offices, schools, colleges and restaurant are closed. The post-pandemic society is used to technology. We are dependent on technology even for basic needs such as education or job. We are constantly interacting with our friends and families using cell phones. As we cannot go out and have outdoor activities, we’re finding indoor entertainment on different OTT platforms.

Even the new movies are getting released on OTT platforms such as Netflix or Amazon prime instead of cinema halls. Due to this lockdown, there has been a huge load on the service providers and the telecom companies. In today’s society, everybody is dependent on the internet for everything, whether it is a small search, online shopping, for contacting each other everything we do require an internet connection and a service provider.

During this pandemic, the uses of the Internet and telephone services has increased tremendously. People are continuously using their phone both for work and entertainment. People are continuously doing video conferencing, online chats, online classes, of schools and colleges, downloading movies, watching web series on OTT platforms. ALL these activities are putting too much load on all the telecommunication services. The number of data users are increasing traffic for telecommunication services. This increase in traffic is providing profit to the telecommunication services, but it’s hard to manage a large amount of traffic in current conditions.

About Global industry trends and COVID-19 impact analysis report:

As with any other industry, the telecom industry has also seen a huge impact of COVID pandemic. But, this pandemic has also been a blessing in disguise as the true power of a digitally connected world was revealed this year. All business, administration work and education were shifted to an online platform, and the process was completely seamless.


There was a report released by Orbis research which illustrates the global impact of this transfer and the role telecom service providers played in this shift. The reports also mark out a way forward up to 2025 with references to existing or upcoming investment opportunities. This report is a valuable resource for anyone looking to do market research and is available to buy for $3999 only.

Future of global Telecom services:

With this dependence on technology and increase of traffic in telecom services, the future of the telecom services looks bright. But the decreasing value of a currency is not giving any good signs for the Telecom market. And now people are also excited about the 5G network which will increase the traffic on telecom services even for further.

In the current situation, this sudden increase in traffic in the telecommunication services is tough to manage. The Telecom market will grow even further by 2025. With correct management and support, things can turn quickly. When our currency value and the economy becomes recovers, the future is bright for Telecom and broadband market.

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