The former President of Ghana, Jerry Rawlings, passes away from COVID-19 at 73 years of age

The COVID-19 pandemic has cost the world quite many lives. Although we cannot deem any life insignificant, some losses indeed pain us more than the others. Among these perpetual demises, we have also lost several notable personalities worldwide. It is genuinely impossible to determine the next victim to succumb to the virus. As such, we can but prepare ourselves mentally for any other passings.

Just when we thought that the Coronavirus would die out, news of Jerry Rawlings‘ demise filled the internet. This news has not just shocked but also devastated the masses throughout the world. Accordingly, the number of victims of the virus does not seem to decrease by any standards. Conversely, the total number of deaths seems to be on a perpetual rise.

Concerning: Jerry Rawlings

Jerry Rawlings stood military personnel plus legislator of Ghanaian nationality. He headed his country shortly in 1979 plus from 1981-2001. Additionally, his service period witnessed military officials occupying government committees. His political vocation as Ghana’s democratic President stood for two terms. The personality has, to date, led two coup d’etat. The first one remained unsuccessful while the efficacious second one earned him to power as a Ghana Air Force flight lieutenant. The country’s constitutional directive compelled Rawling to conclude his political term in 2001. Consequently, he took the opportunity to retire from the office.

He established the National Democratic Congress in 1992 to sanction general elections in the country. Accordingly, irrefutably winning the election, his rule for Ghana extended for eight further years till 2000. The charismatic figure uprooted corruption during his terms rather ruthlessly. Several former leaders faced execution for their crimes of maladministration plus money laundering. Nevertheless, he worked relentlessly to establish better human rights, with no regard to the individual’s economic possessions. Consequently, his decisions plus actions brought about a long plus steady, politically stable period.

Bereavement: Jerry Rawlings

The Ghanaian ex-president remained hospitalized after contracting the virus plus displaying indisputable symptoms. He received admission at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra, a week preceding his passing. The personality expired in the afore-mentioned hospital itself on November 12, 2020, at 73 years of age. Thus far, the authorities have not unveiled details of his demise. Furthermore, initially, his pretext for hospitalization remained undisclosed from the populace. Accordingly, the masses hold no knowledge, whether it was a mere passing or if the figure suffered from any further complications. Government officials have made his hospitalization records strictly confidential from the populace.

Whatever the reason for Rawlings’ unexpected death may stand to be, it is no doubt that the matter has devastated people worldwide. It has just been two months since he had to hold his mother’s funeral. The consecutive passings of these two significant figures have undoubtedly left a hole in Ghana’s community’s hearts. Subsequently, we hope for the personality’s safe journey to heaven. Finally, we can only keep praying that this year does not take any more lives from the masses.

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