Trump’s unsubstantial claims over an election fraud led to his supporters taking to the streets to protest in response

Presidential elections stand a genuinely tricky business. Imagine having the country dividing into two or more halves to support a few candidates. Nevertheless, such determinations remain indispensable to any country worldwide, those who follow a democratic governance system.

Suppose a large chunk of the populace anticipates one Presidential candidate to win the designation. Still, it does not proceed as per expectations. In that case, chaos plus violence is sure to ensue. Accordingly, Biden’s triumph over Trump for the 2020 Presidential Election shocked plus astounded many citizens.

Poll Outcomes

As per customs, a candidate requires 270 Electoral College votes to secure their position as President of the United States. Consequently, obtaining 306 votes, Republican candidate Joe Biden ascertained his victory in the polls. Conversely, Democratic candidate Donald Trump narrowly lost, acquiring 232 of such ballots. Even with the recount of Georgia, the consequences of the poll remained consistent. Accordingly, this election also highlighted the evident rift between Republicans plus Democrats.

As per widespread belief, those who questioned the possibility of mere mask disrupting the Coronavirus spread stood most presumably to poll in favour of Trump. We can attribute this critical influence of each candidate through their campaign policies. While Trump adapted in-person crusades, Biden chose a mostly virtual one. Nonetheless, Hispanic poll’s sway almost cost the ex-Vice President his post. Even then, his, although narrow, success disappointed all U.S. Congress Democrats.

Consequent Protests

Most of the voters had anticipated Trump to assume office yet again for another term. However, Biden’s unexpected victory amazed his voters while bringing about the protest from the other’s adherents. Accordingly, this latter bunch of people initially demanded a recount of the total polls. Again, on November 13, they marched on roads to authenticate Trump’s unfounded proclamations of there being an election fraud. Consequently, the ex-President pushed several lawsuits against his counterpart. He initially expressed doubts over the prospects of asserting dominance over the White House.

Ever since Biden‘s almost confirmed victory announcement on November 7, 2020, specific small occurrences ensued in opposition. These protest caucuses received many titles, namely Million MAGA March, Stop the Steal, or March for Trump. A deadline of December 8 exists to finally sanction the election results plus endorse the victor with their Presidential rights by the 14th. Nevertheless, Trump’s denial of the official results has led to the delay in Biden assuming office.

Trump’s Course of Action

Confirming next to no hope of yet again conquering the post, Trump has commenced his ventures into alternative routes. Following a discussion with advisers, he will proceed into reasonable media endeavours to retain him under the limelight preceding the 2024 elections. Additionally, he will initiate a television network plus public network establishment to convey his distress regarding the loss plus betrayal. Furthermore, for the upcoming office tenure, citizens envisage Trump’s electioneer for Georgia’s Republican aspirants right before the polls on January 5, 2021. Consequently, this outcome will finalize either party’s regulation over the U.S. Senate.

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