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The Turkish Grand Prix shows a slight rainfall probability on the next race date, raising concern for contenders

All viewers, fans, plus even participants and their teams wish to experience the perfect weather during any sports event. Accordingly, weather forecasts plus reports stand indispensable to such individuals. An afore-mentioned date may often require postponing or alteration should the weather conditions fail to meet the necessity. This prerequisite stands even more significant for sports events where it stands indispensable to have a dry ground.

Consequently, with the upcoming Turkish Grand Prix, concerned individuals have initiated looking into the weather forecasts daily to record any changes to the dates. All viewers plus contenders hope that the day turns out to be one with a bright shining sun overhead, unlike the qualifiers.

Concerning the Sporting Event

The Turkish Grand Prix stands a motor racing rivalry of Formula One. The circuit of Istanbul Park Circuit moves in an anticlockwise direction. First established in 2005, authorities discontinued the event after just six years. However, in 2020, the authorities announced the inclusion of the sport yet again. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic led to significant alterations in the schedule plus cancellation of prefixed dates after that. Accordingly, the modified schedule allocates the event from November 13 to 15, 2020.

Meteorological Condition Prognostication

The climatological department expects the circumstances to be relatively pleasanter on the actual race date than the qualifying round held on November 14. The latter experienced extensive rainfall causing the opening to potential accidents. Chances of rainfall have shown a significant reduction. Nevertheless, the grounds will remain exceptionally slippery at the circuit. Furthermore, the temperatures show no indications of going up. As per reports, there exists a 20% rainfall prospect. Nonetheless, suppose the capital, Ankara, experiences no rain in the meantime. In that case, there may be unfortunate heavy rain showers on the day of the race.

The concern for rain rose with the track’s replacement with a new layer of asphalt that tends to be slippery when wet. Accordingly, the hazard rate increases considerably in such instances. Consequently, the qualifiers witnessed quite many spins on both days. Furthermore, it stands exceptionally challenging to affix the tyres to a particular temperature. It initially starts at 14 degrees, after which it becomes demanding to raise the temperatures. If managed to do so in the preliminary rounds, te competition turns relatively more comfortable.

Need for the Weather Forecast

Varying weather conditions result in diverged race outcomes. Accordingly, it directly correlates to the prerequisite of modifying tactics for each participating team. Consequently, depending on the meteorological conjectures, teams have to equip their vehicles with suitable tyres, keeping in mind the crosswinds leading to loss of stability at high speeds. Although thus far, the weather conditions remain uncertain, we can but pray for a dry afternoon. The anticipated temperatures stand at about 15 to 16 degrees, with a slight rainfall probability around the race track. Even so, the participants hope to race in better conditions than what they did during the qualifiers. The audience prays for the same outcome.

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