Where to Watch Animaniacs 2020 Reboot Online: Episode Count, Release Dates, And Everything You Need To Know

Animaniacs is a show that many people loved back in the 90’s. Aside from that, it had it’s own stellar meme career on the internet. These two factors combined to mean one thing: we were definitely going to be seeing a reboot someday, it was just a matter of when. And yep, kind of like clockwork, 22 years after the show last graced us with its presence, it comes back with a new 13 episodes.

How can I watch the Animaniacs reboot?

Right now, the episodes are streaming on Hulu, so you can always watch them there. As of the 20th, they’ve been available to the public, anyone with a Hulu account basically. The steaming service gives a 30 day trial for new users, giving fans an entire month to watch the new show for free.

Now, Hulu offers multiple packages to help you decide which you should go for. If you don’t mind watching ads, that is a way you can go. Hulu offers one way, for about six bucks, with limited commercials. Then they offer other other ways, with zero ads. There’s unfortunately, no current kosher way around the ads without paying.

Even if you manage to get the service on your computer, with an ad blocker, you’ll still get at least 30 seconds of blank screens with your shows. It may not be able to load the ads, but the software will still make you wait, even though you got an adblocker.

Hulu also has the old Animaniacs, the near 100 episodes that aired from 1993 to 1998. Hulu, additionally, is a US only service. So for those of you outside the US, you’ll have to look into other ways to get this show. Currently, other ways don’t exist, but if we find any, we’ll update this article.

However, we are sure that, since Warner tends to be good about that sort of thing, that the show will be made available to other countries around the world soon enough.