PUBG India apk adds the Metro
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PUBG India apk adds the Metro franchise themes to its Battle Royale mobile platform, with more than just PVP.

PUBG India apk adds the Metro franchise themes to its Battle Royale mobile platform, with more than just PVP. The newest update to the Indian android version of PUBG has brought a post-apocalyptic world to the game. Now players will not just get to experience being lab rats in a never-ending struggle. Instead, they will get a chance to fight their way through the tunnels of Moscow and the surrounding world. Specifically, the Metro series focuses on alternate history were World War III began and ended in nuclear fire. then the survivors in Moscow’s Metro system rebuilt civilization for themselves and encountered others. Now fans of both series can enjoy the challenges of Metro with the skills of PUBG India apk.


PUBG India apk Metro


PUBG India apk Metro became available with the most recent update to the game. Brings at least a sense of the Metro Exodus game to PUBG India apk. This new game mode is a crossover that brings the Metro series survival aspect to the app. Its primary addition is a series of new maps inspired by the underground and wilds of the Metro series. This new mode specifically referred to as Metro Royale is less focused on player elimination. Instead, the player is trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. This aspect which is different than the normal PUBG India apk is crucial to this mode. Also, it is very familiar to any fan of the Metro games.


PUBG India apk Metro Royale still maintain some PVP action but it’s mostly focused on survival. Which means gathering resources and weapons. Essentially still the same as the standard game. That is, until you take into account the addition of NPCs. The mode adds maps that have bandit camps which the player can rate for prices. also allowing the player to face off against powerful nonplayer characters. Additionally, these maps also may contain monsters inspired by the Metro series. Players can also acquire special items that include heavy body armor and Metro themed weapons. As a result, PUBG India apk doesn’t just gain a new mode but also new fans to play.

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