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PUBG India APK Appears on Official Website: What this Means for the Future of PUBG India Mobile APK

Since PUBG India APK is more than just a little popular among users in India, so it was no surprise that everyone went crazy the second it appeared on the Play Store for Inida. As we all know, the game was effectively banned for Indian users back a couple months ago, and all plans to get some alternative version officially revealed for those in India has all but stagnated. However, most of everyone has realized that this is no stopping India. Just about everywhere you can turn, you can see APKs, downloads, and sites dedicated to getting the game back to Indian fans.

Pubg India APK: Recently, on the official website, there were links reported to have appeared for Indian users regarding the version that was meant to be an PUBG India APK. However, none of the links actually worked. But, this all does raise quite a bit of speculation, and is far more than we had to go on before concerning PUBG India APK. Could something be in development around it? Could they be working on something official for us?

PUBG India APK: Making an Official Comeback?

Additionally, on November 24th, according to their official Facebook page, there was a press conference concerning the issue. Speculations have only risen about the game’s future, and while there is no confirmed release date, or solid information about a release set, we eagerly wait in anticipation for the next dribble of information to show up. The links we saw, at the time, led to both a Google Play store link that was not functional, to an APK that completely was. Now, of course, the links no longer work, but many people now believe they were doing this to test the interest: test the bandwidth. And PUBG India APK definitely got the response it needed.

Many moving parts have been set in place for PUBG India APK to make a return. Tencent ties have been severed and India’s users files have been stored locally. We can only hope that after all this effort, a reliable, official, PUBG India APK can make its way to users eventually.