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The Mandalorian | Din Djarin and Ahsoka Tano could bring the change to the Star Wars Universe

Religious symbolism of Star Wars

For decades, Star Wars hasn’t been hideous about its stand on the religious ground until the Mandalorian surface. Its devotion to religious symbolism isn’t farfetched, considering the reaction of Admiral Motti to Darth in a new hope series. Looking at the Mandalorian season two, it shows a change in the direction of Star Wars’ religious circle.

Din Djarin Encounter

In Mandalorian season two, Din Djarin encountered Bo-Katan, (the heiress) and other Mandalorian while he was on the quest to find the true mandolores. The discussion with Bo-Katan made the Mando realized that he wasn’t a true Mandi but from the children watchers.

The children watchers were formerly part of the Mandalorian, but they withdrew from others. He, the Mando, was from that ancient generation that seceded from the other Mandalore.

The Mandalorian

The Mando and Bo-Katan

The secession of Mandos’ generation from the true Mandalorian was because his generation wanted to protect the old religion and ancient ways of the Mandalore.

The Mando followed the rules of not taking off his helmet, irrespective of whatever happens. He got taken aback when he saw Bo-Katan and others removed their helmet in public without flinching.

The Change

The mando’s encounter with Bo-Katan made him rethink his ways; it revealed several things to him. Some of what he got to understand is his true identity. The Zealous cult changed the Mando’s thought and made him grow up with the belief that he was rescued and raised by them. They also made him believe in their ways and that he was the real Mandalorian, and others are not true. He later got to know that he was adopted and brought up differently from other Mandalore.


Din Djarin has a similar case with Ahsoka Tano. A different cult (Jedi) separated her from her family; she was adopted and brought up by the cult. They made her believe that the Jedi’s way was real, and others are not.

Fortunately for Ahsoka, she escaped from her abductor’s claws and crafted a different path. Her meeting with Din Djarin will bring a turnaround in the religious circle crafted by the cult. The Mandalorian will change the Star Wars religious belief forever; at least that’s the hope. He is free to continue on his old path, though.