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The Mandalorian season 2 review (till now) | Linking the episode 3’s plot and predicting the episode 4

Mando’s quest in season 2 episode 3

“The heiress” (episode 3) in Mandalorian season 2 could be said to be the opening scene for compelling adventures. However, other past episodes have great plots and exciting scenes, but not like episode three. In this episode, the focus was more pronounced on the key casts, and more actions were taken towards completing the task.

The Mandalorian season 2
The Mandalorian

Mandalorian” season two episode 3 can be considered to be the climax of the movie. It opened with the Mandalorian and others that were with him on the quest to deliver baby Yoda. They arrived safely on the watery moon, seeking other true Mandos, and later found some of them. This episode draws the Mando closer to fulfilling his responsibility of delivering baby Yoda safely.

The Mando’s identity discovery

Proceeding further into the episode, during the Mandalorian journey, he came across other Mandalores who were the true Mandos. Bo-Katan and her group meet with the Mando; during this encounter, he (the Mando) got to know his true identity. The Mando has always believed that he was from the true Mando sect while others like Bo-Katan were “not true.

The dialogue between the Mandalorian and Bo-Katan made him realized that he had been holding on to false hope. The New hope got offered when Bo-Katan promised to take him to Ahsoka Tano’s hideout. Ahsoka Tano also shared a similar fate with him, but she was fortunate enough to retrace her steps.

The Mandalorian; Episode 4 prediction

Although the Mandalorian season two, episode three isn’t a perfect show, the upcoming episode 4, will be more dramatic than others. The Mando has already been informed of Ahsoka Tano’s whereabouts by Bo-Katan, and he will seek her out. The controversy about episode 4 is whether the Mando will go for Ahsoka or not yet.

There is no news concerning the characters that will appear in episode 4, but we know about the released date. Although the plot hasn’t gotten revealed, the fans should anticipate the return of Cara Dune and Greef Karga. The Mandalorian will undertake a new mission with the incoming character, or so we think.

Watch out for the fourth episode this Friday, the 20th of November. There’s no trailer yet, but the released date is certain.