Golden joystick award to the last of us part two
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Golden joystick awarded to the last of us part two as the ultimate game of the year 2020.

Golden joystick award to the last of us part two as the ultimate game of the year 2020. Yes, the sequel to the highly acclaimed last of us has surpassed its predecessor. Will this claim can often be made for many games any of the individual opinion it is seldom proven. Except when the Golden joystick award for the ultimate game in 2020 is awarded. though perhaps not surprising to some given the huge popularity of the game it was up against an incredible competition. That being said, having received numerous golden joysticks awards during the ceremony shows the games worth.


The last of us part two


Receiving a golden joystick award is an honor for any game. Receiving several such as the last of us part two is incredible. the game is the sequel to the original last of us which was released seven years ago. This game is the perfect sequel to the original and continues the story quite spectacularly. The game revolves around how one girl deals with a world taken over by zombies. Telling through the course of the game a deep and emotional narrative that took other similar genres years to achieve. A good example would be the many seasons of the walking dead. What took several seasons in that TV series the last of us part two achieved in a few hours of gameplay.


Golden joystick awards


the last of us part two receives the most accolades were winning the coveted ultimate game of 2020 award. An impressive accomplishment considering was up against up and comer among us and call of duty: modern warfare. however, once you take into account the other Golden joystick awards received becomes obvious that there was no competition. Specifically, the game also received awards for best audio, best visual design, and best storytelling. These are arguably the three most important aspects of any narrative driven game. Any game that manages to achieve the best of all three would definitely receive the ultimate Golden joystick award.

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