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The Mandalorian Season 2| Did the Galactic Civil War indeed ended or something big is coming?

After the chaotic war between the Empire and the rebel alliance, many people believed it had ended. But the Mandalorian has come out clean that the war hasn’t ended, and it’s just about to get brutal. This is as a result of Moff Gideon and Bo-Katan’s attack plan.

Although the emperor died during the civil war between his Empire and the rebel, in the “Return of Jedi”, the war will resurface again. This time around, it will be a different war, though. The Mandalorian are back to take control from the Rebel alliance who had transformed into the New republic.

The Mandolarian

In Palpatine’s quest for revenge due to the emperor’s brutal death, he launched Operation cinder into the galaxy. This, in turn, made the planet become a bomb, which could have exploded if not for the counter effect from the New Republic. The New republic succeeded in deactivating the bomb, thereby possessing the galactic power.

Upon seeing his defeat, Palpatine raised his hand and surrendered to the new republic and retreated with the Empire. Although the Empire withdrew from the war, the other factions, especially Moff Gideon’s Tatooine, are waiting for the right moment. In Mandalorian season 2, Moff Gideon and other factions will launch an attack on the new republic.

One can easily deduce from the paranoia feeling of the New Republic that they are expecting the attack. Although Moff Gideon’s taTatooines not anyway under the New Republic’s jurisdiction, their activities aren’t unknown. This is because, in the Mandalorian season two, the activities of all the factions, including Bo-Katan, has reached the new republic.

The New Republic, having received the news of their activities, released its defense fleet to start combing the area. The patrolling of the areas is to get a hold of any underlying activities by the imperial. Although the Mandalorian makes the fan understand that the galactic civil war ended when the emperor died. The launching of Operation cinder, Tatooine activities, and Bo-Katan’s plan to launch an attack might be impending another civil war.