TSM and 100 thieves final showdown in Valorant First Strike is only a few hours away. Soon the ultimate champions for the North American term will be crowned.

TSM and 100 thieves final showdown in Valorant First Strike is only a few hours away. Soon the ultimate champions for the North American term will be crowned. Now that the qualifiers and semifinals are done this showdown between champions begins. TAS M are actually surprised that they reached this the way they did. The final opponent in the semifinals was not up to their usual level. 100 thieves did not have as easy a time in the last match. In fact, it was the first one to have overtime in the semifinals. That being said they were victorious. Now the question becomes will they be able to defeat TSM?


TSM and 100 thieves battleground

TSM and 100 thieves Final showdown of the term and will be held on unknown maps for Valorant First Strike. Valorant is a first-person shooter with team-based gameplay. Players form a team and are dropped onto a map. Their goal is to either achieve the maps victory criteria or annihilate the opponent. Each character has unique skills that can help secure a win for the team. this tournament that TSM and 100 thieves have been fighting their way through is set up as a best of two win. Specifically, the first team to secure two wins is the victor. Additionally, the first two rounds are timed. However, if both teams went around the third round becomes the tiebreaker. Also, the third round will not until a winner is found.


TSM and 100 thieves chances


Predicting the winner in TSM and 100 thieves matches tomorrow is somewhat challenging. Obviously both teams are the best in order to made it to the finals. That being said, TMS has been dominating the last few matches with absolutely no overtime. on the other hand, 100 thieves has been feeling the pressure. Their last two matches saw the pool victories out of the house in the third round. In fact, their last match was the first one in the semifinals to go into overtime. Does this mean that TMS will have a distinct advantage and overcome 100 these two rounds? The only way to know is to watch the final round and see who the victim will be.

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