WandaVision Episode 6: Release Date & What to Expect?

WandaVision has successfully kept its fans surprised because of all the changes and twists that keep happening in the show and while Episode 4 brought Agent Jimmy and Darcy back, the ending of Episode 5 did more of wonder by introducing Evans Peter. Episode 5 created more stir than ever when Peter’s character claimed himself to be Wanda’s lost brother—Pietro Maximoff. However, Episode 6 leaked spoilers hint at something more to come.

WandaVision Episode 6: Release Date

New episodes of WandaVision are released every Friday on Disney+, which means Episode 6 will be airing out on 12th February 2021. According to PT, the show airs at 3 a.m. while for ET at 8 p.m.

WandaVision: Episode 5 and 6 Cast

Episode 5 ending came with a shocking cameo of a new character in the show: Evans Peter. Peter’s character introduces himself as Pietro, Wanda’s twin brother, aka Quicksilver who was supposed to have passed away long ago. Adding up to this, the character hasn’t even been played by its previous MCU actor—Aaron Tyler Johnson but, Evans Peter who was originally the actor for Quicksilver in the X-Men series. Another strange thing to notice here is that they might be the same character but from different universes.

WandaVision: Episode 6 Plot and Spoilers

The Episode 6 leak that has been surfacing around has shown quite a handful of events that seem to start a new road for the show. The clip showed Vision break through the fake WestView world created by Wanda and seek for help from SWORD asking to save the real people who have been trapped. He has a vision in this real world that takes him aback.

It includes his child Billy talking to his mom (Wanda) about his dad being in trouble. Wanda can be seen dressed up in a Halloween dress. This scene shows a rather evil side of Quicksilver saying – “it’s not like your dead husband can die twice”. This is a statement that has somehow confirmed the rumours and spoilers that have been around for a while.

It might just be true that Pietro aka Quicksilver might not be who he seems to be but a villain in disguise—Mephisto, and while this is yet to be confirmed, we see Wanda reacting to this comment of her brother in a rage. This draws doubt on whether Wanda can be the villainous as well, given that she created such chaos for her own sake.

SWORD knows that Wanda is getting out of hands and plans on plotting against her. However, the story for Mephisto can be true since the comics tell that he comes in to punish Wanda for all the havoc she has created through the false reality of WestView. Episode 6 will help make sense of all these floating leaks and spoilers.

WandaVision: Storyline

The very recent Episode 5 of WandaVision shows a lot of struggle faced by Wanda and Vision as parents. There is a sudden spike of age observed in their children and Wanda almost reveals her true identity to Agnes. This episode also shows Vision getting concerned over the existences of WestView since SWORD sends in a warning issued against Wanda. Vision finally gets to know that Wanda has created this false reality for herself to live unbothered by Vision’s real death. This revealing makes Vision and Wanda come neck to neck for a fight that started as an argument. At this moment, they were suddenly interrupted by a man who was played by Evans Peter and introduced to us as Pietro.

Official Trailer for WandaVision

Watch the trailer for WandaVision below

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