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Maisie Williams Dating Rueben Selby: Past Relationships & Career

Maisie Williams English actress mainly famous for her role in the series Games Of The Throne. She acts from a very early age and has her production and pint-size picture named Daisy Chain Production for short films, theatrical features mainly focus to bring out the ample of talented youth in front of the world. 

She is also recognized as an Internet entrepreneur in which she launched the Beta version of the IOS compatible social media app Daisie, a multi-media social networking app. It generally works as the arena for artists and creators so they could discover their projects and work and put all efforts in the right direction. 

The Past Relationship status of Williams

Once It was rumoured that William was dating Caspar Lee but though that news never gets confirmed. There was also a rumour swirling around that was Sophie Turner and Maisie was dating but again that was just a rumour as they are best friends since the time they do a duo in The falling, then their bonding becomes very strong though in a middle there some misunderstanding and they parted but hopefully they become friends again.

Subsequently, she is again rumored to be with Ollie Jackson in 2015 and they confirm it in 2016. Jackson never belong to Hollywood as he belongs to a family occupied with the fishing culture he too works for the project with Team 100Tons of the plastic and it was the first they came in the eye of people through the red carpet show posting pictures on Instagram id and thus both of them agree on a rumour of being dating each other, but somehow this sweet loving couple duo could not take this love for a long time and they broke up in 2019, since then there’s gossip starts about her and Selby’s dating.

Current Relationship and Career: 

Now, it is rumoured that she is secretly dating Reuben Selby since 2019 even from February and now it’s confirmed.

Reuben is an organizer who has set up the Modeling Agency, Contact Agency, and even propels runway shows. He was a co-founder of cortex creativeHe worked together with many designers such as Jonathan Anderson just to provide the red carpet special look. One can speculate this red carpet show he mainly created for his girl rumored girlfriend Maisie Williams, and it’s Williams’s statement, in one of her interviews for the red carpet show.

 “I have always wanted perfect customs red carpet dress- something that I feel confident and comfortable in” to Elle.com.  in reply to this Reuben, exclaimed about the death, “The dress had to be effortless but empowering at the same time”. This couple never leaves a chance to get highlighted as headlines of newspapers, they coordinate fashion in their style by dying their hair jointly, bright red, or when it comes to adjusting their outfits at Dior. They always share this sweet little moment and leave an unerasable impact on their fans’ minds.

It  was their ambition to never hamper their career Selby and Williams always shares a cordial bond besides being a couple, their comforts towards each other and to others were highlighted by their designer Andreson in few words, “I aimed to create something that removes the anxiety that comes from wearing a dress that isn’t quite right by making it so beautiful that it takes away the need to feel any consciousness”

Now this couple is enjoying a great time together focusing on a career started together, thus making their fans happy and strengthening their relationship, as fans always wish for their favourite duo to be together forever but one has to wait as there’s a long way to go and it’s just a beginning!