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Tom Holland and Zendaya: The True Story, Rumors, Current Relationship

Spider-Man fans are happy because Peter Parker and MJ have officially started dating in the MCU after “Spider-Man: Far from Home”. However, the followers of Tom Holland and Zendaya are still desperate to know if they are dating or not. While they have done public outings and dedicated many Instagram posts to each other, the answer upfront has been no. Fans have long speculated that the two have been dating in private. Both parties have denied the rumours, and continue to hold the fact that they are good friends.

About: Tom Holland

He might as well be called Spider-Man which his international recognition as the character. Tom Holland started his career in ‘Billy Elliot the Musical’ on West End. His big breakthrough in cinema was via ‘The Impossible’. It was a critically acclaimed and commercially successful movie.

He became our beloved Spider-Man in 2015, after being cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2015. So far, he has appeared in five projects of the MCU and is working on the sixth. Holland has reportedly said that he would happily do some 100 Spider-Man movies.

Holland’s experience as an artist is not limited to the superhero verse, as he has done animatic movies like ‘Onward‘ and is all set to appear in Russo Brother’s directed ‘Cherry‘.

About: Zendaya

American actress Zendaya started her career through the Disney sitcom ‘Shake It Up’. She is a singer and has released various songs, such as ‘Replay’, her debut single and her debut album ‘Zendaya’ in 2013.

Zendaya starred in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ as Michelle Jones or MJ. She widely praised and accepted by fans. Since then Zendaya has appeared in ‘The Greatest Showman’, where her work was greatly praised. In 2019 she appeared as the main character in American Drama ‘Euphoria’. Her performance was critically acclaimed and the show has been renewed for a new season.

Initial days and rumours:

These two dynamic actors met on the sets of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ in 2016. Since then, various rumours have surfaced about their supposed relationship. Tom and Zendaya shared each other’ pictures and have continued a funky relationship through social media. They appeared together on many events, including in 2017 when they were pitted against each other in Lip Sync Battle. Holland won the battle with his Rihanna’s “Umbrella” performance, though Zendaya was not bad herself.

When confronted with the dating rumours, both of them have continued to state that they are very good and close friends. Tom and Zendaya continue to joke about on their Instagram handles and share each other’s pictures. They have appeared together on many interviews and press conferences, and though the chemistry between the actors is undeniable, their relationship status continues to officially stay on the ‘friendship’ stage. While many fans believe that they have been privately dating, neither actor has confirmed the rumour.

Present relationship:

Tom Holland declared in 2020 that he is dating British actress Nadia Parkes, who has appeared on British shows like ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘The Spanish Princess’. Meanwhile, in an old interview, Zendaya stated that previous relationships have been hard for her.

As for Tom and Zendaya, the two continue to be good friends and are currently shooting the third instalment of the ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy.