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Alita: Battle Angel 2 James Cameron & Robert Rodriguez, Will There Be A Sequel

Alita: Battle Angel might not have had the best of the premier on-screen but it did get a mixed set of reviews. However, the film does have a good fan base that awaits the sequel for the same. This movie was initially something James Cameron was working on, for years. Later, he partnered up with Robert Rodriguez and made him the director while he took charge of the production. It’s a cinematic adaption of Yukito Kushiro’s manga. Let’s see if there will be a sequel.

James Cameron on Alita: Battle Angel 2

James Cameron personally said that he hopes for a sequel for Alita: Battle Angel while he was asked about the sequel in an interview. He also added that it might be “cheeky” to release a sequel without considering how the first part does. He claimed that the movie should take its own time and then they can decide on the sequel.

According to him, getting ahead of themselves would only result in the mockery of the second part of the movie. Thus, despite having quite big hits of his own, he agreed on taking the whole process slowly. What is to be kept in mind is that he didn’t deny Alita: Battle Angel 2.

However, that doesn’t mean that he is solely concerned about the movie being mocked. He was very clear in telling that he wanted the movie to prove itself and become successful enough for a sequel. With that said, he did confirm he had a plan set in mind for the Alita: Battle Angel 2, and he is waiting for the right time.

Considering what he said, James Cameron did talk sense. Many movies these days aim at producing sequels by starting franchises immediately, while they fail remarkably. To not take a thoughtful decision regarding sequels thus, will only drag the movie’s name through the mud.

Robert Rodriguez on Alita: Battle Angel 2

While James Cameron picked up the idea of Alita: Battle Angel, he didn’t continue on directing it. It was Robert Rodriguez who directed the movie while Cameron became a co-writer and the producer. The movie primarily invited a mixed set of reviews and but the fans still hoped for a sequel.

Along with the fans, Robert himself has hopes to release a sequel for the movie. He said in an interview with Forbes that many people want another part of the movie and he would love that as well. He further added that he wishes for the franchise to be back and the sequel to release as a streaming series since Fox is owned by Disney now.

According to Robert, it’s not a bad idea since Disney owns it now. It can help in an easy sellout of the sequel because the platform already has an existing audience. Not only that, the whole concept of online streaming makes it easier for the consumers.

Alita: Battle Angel 2 In Talks

As of the movie’s success, it grossed $402.6 million worldwide box office. The movie has a 60% rating on the site of Rotten Tomatoes but is doing comparatively better with its fanbase. The movie is said to hold an audience rating of 94 percent and it might just come out with a sequel. Whatever happens, the fans will surely love to have a sequel.

Have a peek towards Alita: Battle Angel if you haven’t already below: