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Marshmello Dating Kelsy Calemine: Dating Life & Relationship Timeline

While Valentine’s day comes close, we can see many couples going public to show their love. However, one of the couples that had gone way forward with showing their love last year was DJ Marshmello and his sweet valentine: Kelsey Calemine. While Marshmello may be famous for his top hits like Wolves or Happier, his relationships haven’t been that famous publicly. Have a look at the DJ’s dating history here-

Marshmello and his Dating Life

Marshmello has been making music since 2015 and has a staggering fan base now expanding more than ever. Fans will know that Christopher Comstock, aka Marshmello, is famous for the white marshmello headgear he wears. Due to the same reason, the world hasn’t been aware of how he really looks.

This certainly explains that he has a very private life, let alone his dating life. However what we do know for sure is that he was seen dating the famous Instagram model and influencer: Kelsy Calemine. Fans couldn’t make out at first, but it surely was surprising to see the man under the mask with his girlfriend.

While Marshmello may be very famous among his fans, he doesn’t go much famous when it comes to things like dating. While we could see these posts on Kelsy’s Instagram feed, Marshmello remained to keep the whole thing private as his Instagram is usually filled with artist collaborations, music promotions, and regular Marshmello stuff.

But that does not deny the fact that there certainly was some spark going on between Comstock and Kelsy, because the post made many people along with fellow DJ- Diplo go confused and excited.

Marshmello and Kelsy: Relationship Timeline

While it is true that Comstock did not post any photos with Kelsy on his professional handle, he did post photos secretly which many people are not aware of. There is another Instagram account for that, and he does earn his private life reputation.

It was on Valentine’s day last year when Kelsy posted a picture with Comstock and wrote a caption saying “lucky, happy vday” with a rose emoji. On the very same day, Comstock also uploaded a picture with her and captioned it “she’s pretty cool”. These posts made it very clear that they both have been seeing each other.

Although they did post these photos, it still had many people in doubt. These doubts got clear when Kelsy posted yet another picture of her wrapped in Comstock’s arms on February 27th with the comments turned off. This gave fans a little that it is true that they are dating since the posts around do not have comments switched off.

Marshmello and Kelsy: Current Status

It really was cute seeing Marshmello without his mask for starters, and that too with Kelsy as his girlfriend. But since then, the two have not been posting anything as such to know if they are still together or not. There also have not been any public appearances from both ends.

However, we are just assuming what we can. Since we already know Comstock is private about his life, it might be that they are keeping their dating life private as well. Kelsy on the other hand has also not been seen posting any pictures with him for months.

But whatever happens, we hope the best for them!