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Fortnite hosts Short Animated Film Festival: When Is It Happening?

The most exquisite production of the Epic games, “Fortnite” is well known to give its users the coolest and most impeccable experiences of video games. With time it has become more than just a video game and has evolved as a platform to conduct several virtual events. The latest one on the list is the first-ever video game-hosted animated film festival named “Shortnite”.

Fortnite: A Sneak peek into the most popular video game

Released in 2017 by Epic games Fortnite is a full power-packed game that involves a lot of action vivid enough to give us the experience of our favourite action movies. It is divided into four modes, viz, Battle Royale, Party Royale, Creative and Save the World where the players fight for their survival. It is one of the games developed with the most advanced graphics and a user-friendly interface. Within a really less period of time, it grew immensely popular among gamers, especially teens. People can have access to this game free of cost and who wouldn’t love fighting the zombies and saving the world when it’s so friendly to your pockets?

The short, animated film festival hosted by Fortnite: “Shortnite”

Fortnite soon enough started branching out of just the video game genre into other spheres. When the whole world was shut down due to the ramifications of the deadly pandemic, this multi-space site came to people’s rescue. It organized several concerts and events digitally and the latest addition was the announcement of the animated film festival called “Shortnite”.

It took place in the Party Royale mode of the game and took place for 2 days, that is; the 20th and 21st of February from 2 pm ET. Though it ran for 30 minutes, it was retelecasted for 24 more hours. It included several films like “Rollin’ Wild”, “Catastrophe”, “Oktapodi”, “Lynx &Birds”, “Bench” and also the oscar-nominated movie “A Single Life”.The film would be available along with subtitles and no movie coupons or tickets for a speculated registered audience of 350 million. The animated festival provided an expanse to the people who are here for the movies as well as to the gamers.

Snacks Alert- A jumbo popcorn emote was also available during the film festival for 5$!

The other ventures of Fortnite’s virtual space

The primary gaming site gave a huge number of people the aid to relax and enjoy in these testing times of COVID-19. The game platform started featuring a live space in its said Party Royale mode and has organized various live affairs. Earlier in 2020, Fortnite hosted a concert of Travis Scott and Marshmellow and gained an in-game audience of 12.3 million. It also premiered the trailer of Christopher Nolan’s another mind-boggling movie” Tenet”. The gaming site has now transformed into an experimental stretch of several digital recreations and has been gaining popularity ever since.