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Apple Annouces Second Public Beta of iOS 14.5: Music Features & Other Updates

Following the eradication of the frustration due to unlocking of iPhones due to face masks, Apple users are now hyped for the official release of iOS 14.5. The first developers beta version has been out for a while now, but now, since the second beta is out, users can expect this to come out pretty soon. This version is bound to be appreciated by users since it is expected to tackle areas that were previously untouched by the iOS 14.4 release.

iOS 14.5: Release Date

There is no official release date for the iOS 14.5 version, but it is already available for beta testing for the public. This means that it can be downloaded but could be glitchy while Apple still works on making improvements and fixing anything that does not work. The developer beta was rolled out on February 1 and the public beta was rolled out a few weeks later, so the final release can be expected sometime in late February or early March.

OS 14.5: Features

Apple plans to use the facial scan system that attempts to recognize the user by their facial features under the mask and if this fails, it employs the method involving the Apple Watch, which can be unlocked with a PIN code, Touch ID, or Face ID. If the two devices are paired and in close proximity with each other, the unlocked Apple Watch can be used to bypass the Face ID and password of the phone. The Watch then instantly gives a double-tap haptic feedback and displays a message on the iPhone screen to acknowledge that it is being unlocked with the Apple Watch.

Previously, music would be played from Apple Music by default. However, with this update, it will be possible for users to change the default music app that they use to other music streaming services such as Spotify. Siri will now provide a list of available apps when asked to play music and will set the one selected at default.

The update will also provide more transparency in app tracking by making sure that the apps explicitly ask users for permission to track their activity on the web. There is also no way to get around this, so users’ privacy is protected. The version will also support dual SIM 5G in its latest update. It also enables requesting Siri to make emergency calls to contacts more conveniently.

Further, the updated version will also introduce new emojis. A much-appreciated change made by Apple was the removal of blood in the syringe emoji to establish a more neutral emotion towards vaccinations. There are also changes in the interface of many apps such as Apple Music, Podcasts, Reminders, News apps, and also shortcuts to take screenshots for greater convenience.

It also permits multiple members to use the same Apple Card account with the main holder being able to control the expenditure. Fitness+ Airplay Support will allow workouts to be viewed on larger screens. There are way more features that are yet to be discovered by users using the beta feature, so others can hardly wait for the handy changes and additions that will come with this update.