OnePlus Watch: Release Date, Features & Price

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed the year that passed that they were working on the OnePlus Watch. Since then, numerous leaks have graced the internet. While we have received the official confirmation of this product, the characteristics have been kept under wraps. The product thankfully has already been listed on the Bureau of Indian Standards, aka BIS, India’s certification website. Many are speculating what this new product will bring to the table, and how much competition would it bring for Apple and Samsung.

Release Date: OnePlus Watch

Earlier, the company CEO had teased that they would release the OnePlus Watch early next year. That meant early 2021. Later, word arrived that the smartwatch would release in March 2021. If rumours are to be believed, then the launch of this brand new Smartwatch is not as far as we would have initially thought.

Rumours also have it that there will two versions of the OnePlus Watch. Owing to the different designs, such ideas are not yet discarded.

There is a chance that OnePlus Watch and the OnePlus 9 phone will release simultaneously. Earlier talks indicate that there is another similar product, an OnePlus band, which would be a fitness tracker. This could be released around the same time period as the other two products.

Features: OnePlus Watch

The leaks on Twitter have given people enough ideas as to what the designs for the smartwatch can look like. We know that we are looking for a circular display, with straps that are supposed to be detachable. The leaked images have shown two kinds of straps, with slits like normal leather bands on the watches. The straps could be made out of silicone. There is also a chance of a formal option coming out.

Since OnePlus is collaborating with Google, we know that the Watch will run on Google’s Wear OS power. The CEO has revealed that they are going about improving some features, and there is a fair chance that we get an updated version. If this goes through, users will be able to link their smartwatches with phones as well as TV and other smart devices.

Other than that, information on the smartwatch is pretty limited. Since the watch is to challenge Apple Series 6 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, it is anticipated that OnePlus will include all necessary programs. Fitness and health tracking system are going to be necessary for the watch. There is a high chance that it would include features complementing the applications on the phones. Some of the ideas include a heart tracking monitor, sleep monitor and GPS.

Price: OnePlus Watch

We can only speculate about the price range of the two watches that OnePlus is about to release. Especially since this is the first time the company is releasing a Smartwatch, we are at a complete loss as to the exact price. Since the goal is to make it affordable for the Indian public, we can assume that it would cost much less than the Apple Watch, which starts in the range of Rs 20,000-30,000.

There are chances that the watch can cost somewhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000, but absolutely nothing can be said with certainty in this case.

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