Disney’s Raya and The Last Dragon: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Everything Known So Far.

Disney’s first-ever South-East Asian princess Raya will be seen in the new movie, Raya and The Last Dragon. Raya, a warrior princess dubbed by Kelly Marie Tran, the Star Wars sequel Trilogy actress; will fight for her land, Kumandra with the most unlikely set of people she picks along the way. After the lukewarm response to Disney’s last movie, Mulan released in 2020, the audience, as well as creators, have their eyes hooked on Raya now. This movie has been completely filmed from the crew members’ homes during the pandemic lockdown. It the most action-centric film Disney has ever made and consists of larger-than-life graphic visuals.

Raya and The Last Dragon:  Release Date

Disney has proclaimed Raya will have a theatrical release worldwide on March 5th,2021. The users can also watch it through Disney Plus Premier Access. The subscribers of Disney Plus have to carve their enthusiasm, as the movie will release there a month later.

Raya and The Last Dragon: Voice Cast

  • Kellie Marie Tran aka Raya, the savage warrior princess of Kumandra
  • Awkwafina aka Sisu, a friendly and funny water dragon that shapeshifts!
  • Gemma Chan aka Namari, Raya’s antagonist
  • Daniel Dae Kim aka Chief Benja, Raya’s father
  • Sandra Oh aka Virana, Namari’s mother
  • Benedict Wong aka Tong, an intimidating giant
  • Thalia Tran aka Noi, a con baby
  • Alan Tudyk aka Tuk Tuk, Raya’s huge and endearing pet

Raya and The Last Dragon: Plot and Synopsis

This Walt Disney Studios production is a tale of the fictitious abode of Kumandra split up into; Heart, Talon, Fang, Spine, and Tail. In Kumandra, a long time ago humans and dragons co-existed peacefully until the Drunn attacked. Drunn was the mob of evil behemoths who stormed their homeland and disrupted their harmonious life. The dragons surrendered their lives to protect the inhabitants; all but one.

All these years later, the Drunn are coming together to bombard the disheveled lands of Kumandra. Raya will rescue her land and its people by locating the last dragon who is the elixir to this arriving menace. Aggravating the Drunn threat, Namari; Raya’s arch-nemesis is preparing to ambush Raya and the team to use the dragon for the benefits of her own kingdom. To know what Raya does with his upbeat and weird team to tackle this peril, grab the largest bucket of popcorn and go to your nearest theatres that are now finally opened to accommodate people to its 100 percent capacity!

The Southeast representation

Disney is evolving every day as an inclusive platform and production. Initiating Asian representation with Aladdin and Moana is striking a cord yet again with the characters, places, and visuals of this movie. The land of Kuamndra is very much influenced by Southeast Asian culture especially Indonesia. The weapon with which Raya fights, “Eskrima” is a specific of Philippines. The martial arts involved in this uber-cool animated action-drama are, “Arnis”, “Muay Thai”, “Krabi Krabong”; all distinctive countries like Thailand and the Philippines.

Raya and The Last Dragon: Official Trailer

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