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Ellie Goulding is 30 weeks pregnant: Stuns fans with the baby bump picture

Though the year 2020 has been a bummer for almost everyone across the world, it has sure been a fortunate year for many. Among the list of many celebs who have been blessed with a baby this year, the newest addition is the English pop star Ellie Goulding and her husband Casper Jopling. Keeping her pregnancy a secret for long, Ellie finally opened up about it in an interview with Vogue.

Ellie Goulding: The Grammy-nominated songwriter

Born in Hereford, England; Ellena Jane Goulding learned to play musical instruments like guitar and clarinet as a kid. Shockingly enough, she failed in music in her high school while bagging straight As in all the other subjects. When in university she got introduced to record producers Starsmith and Frankmusik who launched Goulding’s debut album Lights and Bright Lights which was received very well by the audience. Soon after recording several hit tracks, it was one of her third studio albums (Delirium), “Love Me As You Do” which was later featured in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey that broke all records. The track also earned her a Grammy nomination. Brightest Blue is Ellie’s latest album released on July 17, 2020.

Casper Jopling: The Sotheby’s Art dealer 

The Yorkshire-born Jopling who calls himself a “dork” graduated from the prestigious Harvard University in History of Art and Architecture. He became an art dealer in Sotheby, New York, and has also written art reviews for several newspapers. Casper Jopling is a really close friend to Princess Eugenie, who herself became a mother recently on February 9, 2021. She also worked in the art domain and works for Paddle8. He met Goulding in 2017 and the couple got hitched on August 31, 2019, at York Minster, England.

Ellie’s experience of a pandemic pregnancy

Ellie Goulding dropped a bombshell on her fans when she recently revealed she is 30 weeks pregnant. Gorgeously posing with a baby bump the singer revealed she didn’t know she was expectant when she appeared for her “Brightest Blue” virtual promotional performance in the V&A Museum in August 2020. Around this period, when she went on a 1-year-anniversary-celebratory-vacation with her handsome beau, the couple found out they are going to become parents soon.

Goulding confessed that though the pregnancy wasn’t planned, she is still trying to embrace the changes it brought along. She disclosed how the pandemic has aggravated the nascent bodily changes and has made her more susceptible to emotional turmoil, intense debilitation, and ditching her green intakes adding, how being an expecting woman is not just about that radiant and glowing look. Lockdown in her Gloucestershire abode, she said the pandemic and all the distancing from the closed ones makes you feel really lonely at times. But she is thankful for her husband who has always made her feel calm in the toughest of situations. She said she is now in awe of all the mothers after experiencing how much they go through. The star misses performing in concerts while she did continue working in studios.

30-year-old Goulding performed her hit number New Love with Silk City on Graham Norton’s show on February 26, 2021. Looking phenomenal, in a blue frilled tulle gown the pop star was accompanied by several other stars including Kate Winslet and Orlando Bloom who took part virtually.

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