The King’s Man: New Release Date, Details and More

The British-American film franchise “Kingsman” based upon the comics by Mark Miller and Dave Gibbons has been critically acclaimed as well as been commercially successful. After two promising movies of the series, Matthew Vaughn; the creator is back with a prequel of both of them, named The King’s Man. The distributor of the movie 20th-century studios describes it as a collection of history’s worst tyrants and autocrats formulating a plan to kill millions and how one man and his apprentice stop them in a race against time.

The King’s Man: New Release DateĀ 

After going back and forth for such a long time due to the repercussions of the deadly pandemic, the release date of the movie kept getting delayed further. The first release date was fixed for November 2019, which later got shifted to February 14, 2020, and after getting held up for few more times the banner finally decided to release the movie on August 20, 2021, from February 26, 2021; the last scheduled date.

The King’s Man: the Cast

  • Ralph Fiennes aka the Duke of Oxford
  • Gemma Arterton aka Polly
  • Rhys Ifans aka Grigori Rasputin
  • Charles Dance aka Field Marshal Haig
  • Matthew Goode aka Captain Morton
  • Harris Dickinson as Conrad
  • Djimon Honsau aka Shola
  • Aaron Taylor -Johnson as Lee Unwin

The King’s Man: the Plot

This prequel takes us a century ago, in the backdrop of World War I, and shows us the story of the first-ever intelligence service formed. The Duke of Oxford along with his son Conrad forms an organization of people who call themselves the members of the Kingsman. They operate secretly under the noses of vile criminals to protect the peace and the lives of millions of innocent people. One of the tyrants, whose abhorrent sins we will be witnessing is Grigori Rasputin who is eventually assassinated by a group of peers.

The King’s Man: The first spinoff to the Kingsman franchiseĀ 

The first two movies of this franchise Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014) and Kingsman: The Golden Circle(2017) grossed more than 400$millions all over the world. It is the third movie, Kingsman: The Blue Blood (most likely to be released in 2022) that would sum up the trilogy and hence put an end to the Harry Hart-Eggsy relationship.

Even after the end of the trilogy, the franchise will continue and release spinoff films; one that is The King’s Man all set to release in a matter of few months. The other one is Statesman the details surrounding which are yet to be released.

All the films are known for their really edgy and dark humor, it would be an absolute blast to watch the classic era setup when the Duke of Oxford is none other than Lord Voldemort himself!

The King’s Man: Official Trailer

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