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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 9: Release Date, Preview and More

Chicago Fire is one of the longest-running primetime series, with 186 episodes to date. The show is currently airing its Season 9 on NBC but filming amidst a pandemic has its own repercussions. The latest episode of the show just got stalled and the showrunners had to resort to airing re-runs of the previous episodes. When is Episode 8 finally going to air? What to expect? What happened in the last episode? Read along to find out!

Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 8: Release dates and details

The Episode 8 “Escape Route” was supposed to release on February 24, 2021, but instead the Episode 3, “Smash Therapy” was retelecasted. The fans were dejected and it didn’t get any better as even the next week the re-run of Episode 4 “Funny What Things Remind Us” was aired. After the filming has resumed post lockdown, many shows have had to delay the broadcasting due to the setback of following all the pandemic protocols. The drama series “This Is Us” also went through a similar hindrance. But the final release date of Chicago Fire Episode 8 of Season 9 is finally announced and would air on March 10.2021 at 8 pm central time on NBC.

Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 8: Cast details

  • Jesse Spencer aka Matthew Casey
  • Taylor Kinney aka Lieutenant Kelly Severide
  • Kara Killmer aka Paramedic in charge Sylvie Brett
  • David Eigenberg aka Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann
  • Joe Minoso aka Firefighter Joe Cruz
  • Chloe Minoso aka Kristen Gutoskie
  • Miranda Rae Mayo aka Firefighter Stella Kidd
  • Adrian Rae aka Paramedic Gianna Mackey
  • Eamonn Walker aka Chief Wallace Boden

Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 8: The Plot and Synopsis

Season 8 of the series premiered with the death of Otis for which the lead duo Casey and Severide blatantly blamed each other. With consequent episodes, their internal tussle cools down and they team up again and when a fire breaks out at a homeless site in Episode 7.While Cruz who shared the news of him becoming a father soon saves himself from an explosion by the skin of his teeth. And Ritter becomes friends with one of the victims of the fire incident Vanessa.

Though NBC hasn’t revealed much about the upcoming episode, there is much stuff that can be expected. We are more likely to see Joe Minoso embracing the role of an expecting father indiscreetly. As it was revealed in the last episode he is going to have a son , fans are hoping if he would name him Otis. Another thing to look forward to is if Stella Kidd makes it to lieutenant and passes her exam. And the question that fans are hanging on for so long is there any romance in store for Sylvie Brett and Matthew Casey?