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The change in USPS: Biden’s nominations

For a long time, the United States Postal Service, or USPS has been a mess. Ever since the hiring of Louis DeJoy under the Trump presidency, loud complaints have been aired against the USPS. With seats empty in the board of governors and long delays in getting the post, the people of America have been begging for better services. Now, news has it that Joe Biden is working on correcting the issue and moving towards a better Postal Service.

Background: USPS and Louis DeJoy

In May 2020, the USPS Board of Governors chose businessman Louis DeJoy as the Postmaster General. This appointment received by masses with a critical eye. The reason for the same was that DeJoy had no prior experience in the postal services. Furthermore, his position as a Republican raised many questions.

After being appointed, DeJoy implemented changes that created heavy problems. Under the pretext of reducing cost, the USPS stopped the overtime work as well as rerouting when it came to mails. Many of the mail-sorting machines were taken away, while some mailboxes collections were gotten rid of. All of these changes led to scrutinizing gazes since the elections were due to start in November. Furthermore, then President Trump had long claimed that voting by mail led to fraud and he heavily stood against the idea of such a method. Since DeJoy was appointed while under his presidency and by the board he had chosen, it created some stir in the public.

As a result of these decisions, there was a huge delay in mails. Now officially dubbed as the “2020 United States Postal Service Crisis”, this had heavy repercussions to people of all classes. Not only did civilians take to the road, but also workers who were never consulted before executing the changes.

Joe Biden’s response to the USPS crisis

President Biden’s focus has been on changing the board of governors. As of Wednesday, it was announced that three Postal Services experts would be appointed in the vacant seats of the board. This promise was also made in his election campaign. The three people whom Biden has selected so far are :

  • Ron Storman. He was the deputy Postmaster under the previous administration.
  • Anton Hajjar. Former General Counsel of the American Postal Service. He used to run the legal department.
  • Amber McReynolds. He is the head of the National Vote Reception Institute.

These nominations are important since USPS has been facing a lot of challenges that have created problems for Americans. Just the previous week, Democratic lawmakers wrote letters to DeJoy and President Biden about the bad condition of the postal services and complaining about the Postmaster General. President Biden has long been asked to take actions.

Biden’s powers over Postmaster General

The fact of the matter is that despite all the requests, Biden cannot take direct action against DeJoy. The Postmaster General, who recently claimed that he had no plans of leaving his position and that people should get used to him being there, can only be appointed by the USPS Board of Governers.

However, the members of the Board of Governors are elected by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate. With the current nominations, Americans can perhaps expect some changes in policy. As for the change in Postmaster General, nothing concrete can be said up until now.

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