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Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell: Are the two stars of Hollywood Dating each other?

The biggest question when it comes to co-actors, especially single co-actors, is if they are dating or not dating. It is no surprise then that Mission Impossible 7 co-actors, Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell have been linked together. Since pictures from their shared scene emerged on the internet where Hayley is seen handcuffed with Tom for their shared scene, many have speculated if the two actors are dating. While The Sun has repeatedly affirmed the point that the actors are together, many other sources have vehemently denied this. Here’s all that we know.

About: Tom Cruise

Only one of the best-known Hollywood actors, Tom Cruise has been acting since the 80s. He started his career in comedy and action movies, and have since then appeared in various critically acclaimed moved. He has won about three Golden Globe awards, along with nominations in the Academy Awards. Perhaps best known for his action movies, specifically the role of Ethan Hunt, Cruise has played the character in all of the six Mission: Impossible movies. The seventh installment is on its way.

About: Hayley Atwell

This British, as well as American actress, is perhaps best known for her role as Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hayley Atwell is not just a film actress but has also worked on stage, specifically the West Side Productions. Her breakthrough came from the 2008 movie ‘The Duchess’, though she rose to international fame after playing Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger’. She has earned various nominations for her spectacular work as an actor, including nominations for British Independent Film Award, Golden Globe Awards, and Laurence Olivier Award.

Hayley and Tom’s relationship

So are they dating or are they not? The truth is, we do not know.

‘The Sun’ had reported, multiple times quoting a “source” that Atwell and Cruise are together. Ever since they got together to film the recent installment in the Mission Impossible franchise, the two actors have been seen laughing and enjoying time together. According to the source, the two actors hit it off instantly.

However, many are curious about these turn of events. Many suspect that these words are mere rumors spread by certain people and in fact, Hayley and Tom are just good friends and good co-actors. The reason for this suspicion arose from the fact that a video surfaced on the internet where Cruise was seen shouting at his crewmates for not following the COVID-19 regulations. According to the reports, five crew members quit after the incident. Much debate was sparked after the incident. Some believe that the rumors of Tom and Hayley’s dating were started soon after, which has raised quite a few eyebrows.

In truth, nobody has confirmed this alleged relationship between Hayley and Tom, and certainly not the two actors themselves. Questions have been raised about their 20-year-old age difference. While Hayley has had a few relationships in the past, Tom has gone through three divorces and is a father to three children, two from his first marriage to Nicole Kidman and one from Holmes with whom he separated in 2012.