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All American Season 3 Episode 8: Release Date; Everything we know so far about The Series Finale.

Perhaps naming the last episode of the season ‘Cancelled’ was a weird take, but rest assured ‘All American’ has been renewed for a fourth season. This sports drama, which deals with family drama, high school drama, and some rather punching moments, accompanied by some good light-hearted moments, has left millions of fans interested. The third season will come to an end with the eighth-episode, but with some interesting storylines in hand, along with tear-jerking moments, the series finale is sure to pack some punch. Here’s what we know about the upcoming episode.

Release Date: All American Season 3 Episode 8

The title of this series finale gave fans a pause, and rightfully so. All American Season 3 Episode 8 is titled ‘Cancelled’. The episode is due to release on Monday, 8th March 2021. Fans can watch the show on the CW network. To watch the show online, both Netflix or Amazon Prime are good platforms.

In the new episode, we will see preparations for Homecoming in full swing. While Spencer and Coop are withdrawn, Olivia and Jordan are allowed to take one mental health day because of her withdrawn nature. Issues arise between Olivia and Layla and on the other hand, the interim principal’s rules leave Billy frustrated. We can see Spencer making a new game plan in the upcoming episode.

Cast: All American Season 3 Episode 8 

The whole cast will be returning for the final episode of Season 8. Daniel Erza will play the main character, Spencer James. Bre-Z aka Coop will be coming back as well. Samantha Logan and Cody Christina will be making appearances as their character Olivia and Asher. Chelsea Tavares aka Patience will be playing her part as well. Other than that, Michael Evans Behling and Taye Diggs will be resuming their roles.

Plot: All American

‘All American’ is a sports drama series based in America. The show follows the life of Spencer James, a High school American football player. He is an amazing player and eventually recruited to play for Beverly High Hills. As the show moves on, two families and their lives come into the spotlight- the Jameses and the Spencers. The show explores the deeper connection between humanity and surface differentiation between people.

Storyline: All American

The last we saw Spencer and the rest of the cast, everyone was going through their own lives. Spencer was reminiscing the memories he had made spending time with his father. After his departure. Spencer is saddened but finds solace in the memories they made together. Everybody on the team helps Spencer with the cabin. Then, Spencer comes across a box filled with letters from his father. In order to read the letters, he rushes to the woods where he is found and comforted by Olivia.

On the other hand, Grace tells Coop of her relationship with Spencer, but Coop is not very sure of the stories. Asher and Olivia talk and discuss while cooking, the topic of talks soon turning to Spencer.

Trailer: All American Season 3 Episode 8

Here’s the promo for the eighth and last episode of the third season of ‘All American’.