Netflix’s Queen’s Gambit Received Golden Globe Award for the Best Web Series.

The Golden Globe Awards ceremony was held virtually on the 28th of February with the hosts in different parts of the country and the awardees at home. It had been delayed due to the present pandemic situation, but we have finally gotten a list of victorious actors and actresses being recognized for their hard work in the acting industry. Along with actors, Golden Globe also hands out awards to movies and series that they deem worthy. Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit is another series that has now been added to the list of award-winners.

About: Queen’s Gambit

Queen’s Gambit is a historical drama that has been adapted from Walter Tevis’ novel of the same title. Written in 1983, the series was officially released by Netflix in 2020 and has seven episodes so far. The plot follows an orphan, Elizabeth Harmon, as she rises up to become the top chess player in the world. However, she also struggles with a drug and alcohol addiction, but that also becomes the reason why she got into the domain. The plot is extremely fascinating and explores Beth’s psyche in great detail, garnering the admiration of viewers all over the world.

The beloved series has received amazing positive responses from fans. In less than a week, it became the most-watched series of that particular day. The success of the series was quite a surprise to the members of the production team themselves, but it was definitely a pleasant one. There were also sources that thought it rather unlikely that it would not reach the heights that it has today, but The Queen’s Gambit has now proven them wrong, too. Much to the disappointment of hardcore fans, there are reports that it is unlikely the series will get a new second season. While the lead actress, Anya Taylor-Joy, is more than willing to return as Beth, there is very little chance that it will.

Golden Globe Awards: The Queen’s Gambit

As a reward for their creativity and hard work, The Queen’s Gambit has secured not one but two awards. It has been awarded the Best Limited Series or Television Film for the series itself, and Anya Taylor-Joy got the Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film. The nominees had been announced early in February this year, and Taylor’s work has finally received the recognition that she deserves. This is not the only place where she is shining. She has also been nominated at other award shows. It wouldn’t be surprising if she does end up receiving more trophies for her marvelous work.

About: Anya Taylor-Joy

Born in Florida, Anya Taylor-Joy is one actress who has taken up quite impressive roles in her career. Her prominent roles include Gina Gray in Peaky Blinders and Emma Woodhouse in Emma. With this win at the Golden Globe Awards, she is now the first Latina actress to win in the category. There are many more awards that she is yet to receive along with more opportunities due to this recent boost in her career, so we will be seeing her more often in the news.