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The 71st Berlin Film Festival to be organized Online due to the Corona Virus Pandemic

Yes, that’s a big announcement!! The 71st great grand edition of the Berlin Fest will be held online. The organizers have prepared to divide Berlin Fest into two parts. Ongoing coronavirus pandemic has shifted all the great events to be online as a result, the Berlin Fest is also not left out. But the event holders will not let you miss out on the fun.

The Great Fest to be Held Online

Due to the current monstrous pandemic situation, the 71st Berlin International Film Festival has developed a new festival pattern for the year 2021. It is divided up into two groups. The first part of the great festival will be an Industry online offer. The second part of the big awaited fest of all the time is scheduled to be held in June which will be a public event. They didn’t think of holding a proper fest this time. But they managed to figure a way out and are extremely pleased to announce to hold the festival for the industry and the public.

The industry involved in the humongous fest includes platforms like European Film Market, Berlinale Co-Production Market, Berlinale Talents and the World Cinema Fund. The industries will give a bang on the start to the 71st Berlinale in March. They will first hold an online offer. While in June, there will be numerous events which will include varied numbers of film screenings for the audience. This is scheduled to be held in cinemas as well as in the open air. The division of the fest is mainly to represent the film market and festival as a whole.

In the 2021 Berlin fest, they will try to focus on its main competition section via online mode. They have also planned to hold a small programme with on-site premieres. The small event will take place in Berlin itself which will probably be around summer. The main model would be Cannes’ three-day festival which occurred last October. It was wrapped up as France was forced to go for a second lockdown.

Reasons for such a Decision

The online event is programmed after measuring the rise of COVID-19 infection rates. Germany had to go for a second full lockdown due to the high rate of covid patients. Germany has again closed down its schools and colleges. Non-essential shops and businesses are also shut down. The lockdown will be pretty much longer keeping in mind the safety of the people.

The Berlinale fest was originally programmed to be held from February 11 to February 21, 2021. But it seems like the pandemic will never stop. As a result, the organizers weren’t able to hold the fest due to the heavy rate of Coronavirus patients. They thought if they go on waiting they might never be able to hold a fest. This they decided to go for an online fest because they can’t keep on pushing the dates.

Other Online Events

The European Film Market (EFM) is the main industry event that runs for the Berlinale. They have also declared plans to include online screenings and market events for its 2021 version. It will be an all-virtual event. Other events which will occur later this year might also be held online. Events in Cannes and at AFM are also preferring for a virtual EFM which will probably take place in late spring or early summer. Cannes 2021 is currently planned to be held in May. But organizers will probably postpone the festival and reschedule it too late June or early July.

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