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Poldark Season 6 Release Date: Will BBC Bring It Back?

If you still haven’t watch Poldark, then you are definitely missing an incredible love story. Netflix thriller series Poldark has in all total five amazingly successful seasons. The show has done exceptionally well. The story had got major audience attention. People want to know whether the show will release season 6 or not. Here is everything you are looking for, stay tuned to know it all down here.

Will “Poldark” Season 6 Release? Find Everything You Want To Know

The BBC Network has always come up with really exceptional content. The mythical shows and series aired on the channel have truly managed to get a special place in everyone’s heart and mind. Poldark is also no exception. The amazing story of the series has made the audience go nuts for the show. There is no denying that the historical tale has been executed with perfection.

The series was first released back with season 1 in the year 2015. While the fifth season of the show was aired back in the year 2019. But along with the ending of season 5, people kept their hope alive of getting another season for the show. But looks like there is not much story left for another season.

Is There Any Possibility Of Getting Poldark Season 6?

The story of the series Poldark has been exceptionally copied down from a beautiful novel penned down by the great writer, Winston Graham. If you carefully take a look at the five phases of the novel, then you will see the story has been covered up to perfection. Thus there is not really any mere chance of getting another season for Poldark. The story has over. The ending in the last episode of season 5 seems to be the ending of the show. The show featured mainly two leads, namely, Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza while the role of Geoffrey Charles was played by Freddie Wise.

But on another hand, Graham has written down a total of 12 novels and the series has managed to incorporate only 7 of those in the 5 seasons. Though the remaining novels are not majorly written revolving around Poldark its forthbearing generations. If the show even decides to go for another season, the audience will definitely receive a different and new storyline for the show which will be very different from the actual plotline of the series. Thus we strongly think season 5 was the final season for the series. But anything can happen, so we can’t really a give statement with surety.

Even if we get a new season, you will definitely see stories revolving around Ross and Demelza’s children. We will see their life struggles and fights. Though again if we consider the release time and date, then you will see the seasons have managed to appear every year. After 2019, there hasn’t been any such news of getting another season in the next year 2020. Thus season 6 might not just happen. Though you can watch all the episodes of all the five seasons of the Poldark, none other places than just on Netflix.