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One piece Chapter 1006: Release Date, Spoilers and More

Manga One-piece’s much-awaited chapter 1006 to release soon. Read below to find out the early spoilers for the chapter.

About: One Piece

Written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda One Piece is a Japanese manga series and as of February 2021 is still the best-selling manga series in history with selling more than 480 million copies worldwide. The first chapter of the series was released in July 1997 and currently has 98 volumes.

Not only in print but the series is having an equally impressive impact on the television as well. The animation version of One piece was broadcasted in Japan in October 1999 on Fuji Tv and has more than 960 episodes along with being watched by fans all around the whole globe.

The manga follows the quest of Monkey D. Luffy along with his crew pirates named the Straw Hat Pirates are is in search of ‘One Piece’- the world’s ultimate treasure for him to obtain the title of the next King Of Pirates. Luffy accidentally eats a Devil Fruit which causes his body to gains the properties of rubber.

One Piece Chapter 1006: Release date

The fans don’t have to wait much longer, as the 1006 chapter titled ‘Hyogoro of the flower, the chivalrous’ is scheduled to be released on 7th March 2021 but will be varied according to the timezones.

As the title, itself suggests that something major is going to happen to Hyogo. It is presumed that he will be getting infected with a virus that will make him all- buffed up which will probably endanger his life along with his comrades giving their best to keep him alive and well.

As the fate of Hyogoro looms over, a war among the fans is going around as they anticipate their favorite character life in the manga series.

The chapter is officially be released on Viz Media and Shueisha’s manga plus websites.

One Piece Chapter 1006: Spoiler Alert

The early spoilers for the upcoming chapter may have leaked certain aspects of the manga series.

While Black Maria will be on the brink of losing Robin and Brook, she’ll uncover a new weapon that will probably be the key to her victory in the war.

On the other hand, Bao Huang will finally locate the Momonosuke group and will transmit their whereabouts to the whole castle.

After escaping Black Maria, Sanji will be seen struggling with a major decision. She will battle with choosing between Momonosuke and Kinemon and will be seen contemplating her true loyalty.

While she will eventually make the final call, she will still be anxious about her decision being the right choice or wrong.

Carrot fans get ready to face some disappointment as he will be defeated by Perdopero in the upcoming chapter of the manga.

While Perdopero will later come to face Marco along with a fierce battle between Marco and the king and the queen will be seen in the upcoming chapter.

Hyogoro will be getting infected with a virus in the chapter. His physical appearance will transform and instead of an old man, we will be seeing a lot of muscular Hyogoro. As the chapter will progress it is expected that he will use a strategy that will be connected to swords and flowers.

However, by the end of the chapter Hyogoro will have enough of the virus and ask one of his associates to free him from enduring the infection by killing him.

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