Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 Announced: Release Date, Plot and Everything We Know Till Now.

For “Pacific Rim” fans, “Pacific Rim: The Black” came as a blessing. Taking place in the same cinematic universe as its movie prequels, this anime series follows the lives of two siblings in a Kaiju run Australia. The series follows the Travises as they try to find their parents and survive using a Jaeger named Atlas. Now, fans have even more of a reason to be happy. Netflix has announced that the series is renewed for a second season. Fans are rightfully excited for the sequel, as the end of the first season left many with more questions than answers. Here’s what we know about the upcoming “Pacific Rim: the Black: Season 2” so far.

Release Date: Pacific Rim: The Black

Barely a few days have passed since the first season was released. However, that is no reason to not hope for more. Netflix has already the next season of this series. From what we know so far, “Pacific Rim: the Black” season 2 will probably release in 2022. The schedule they keep with is usually with a one-year difference, so it is not too far fetched to assume it will release and premiere on Netflix in March 2022, if not earlier.

Characters: Pacific Rim: The Black

The whole main cast of characters will definitely return for the second season. Calum Worthy and Gideon Adlon will in all probability resume their roles as Taylor and Hayley Travis. Except for Joel and Rickter, everyone else is presumed to return. It is also possible that Ben Diskin will return with a bigger role as the mysterious and intriguing Kaiju Boy.

Plot: Pacific Rim: The Black

“Pacific Rim: The Black” takes place in a world where Australia is run over by Kaiju. Once upon a time, these creatures only rose from the Pacific Rim to fight gigantic robots Jaegers, but not anymore. As a result of repeated attacks, the entire continent has been evacuated. Yet some humans have remained behind. Among them are Taylor and Hayley Travis, teenagers whose parents have been presumed missing. In a broken world, these siblings go out in a search of their parents. To do so they teach themselves to steer an old Jaeger. Using this, they flee their community settlement to survive the Kaiju run country.

Storyline: Pacific Rim: The Black

The last we saw the show, things were taking an interesting turn. In the final moments, Taylor and Hayley are able to discover the remnants of their parents’ Jaeger names Hunter. They recover the last message that was left by their parents, but the Travises themselves remain missing. When Copperhead Kaiju attacks the team, Taylor and Mei get into Atlas. However, Hayley, who was injured had to stay behind is protected by the Boy. It is revealed that the Boy is a Kaiju. As the Copperhead is destroyed, the Kaiju Boy is found trapper yet alive. A sister on a nearby rooftop declares that the ‘Kaiju Messiah’ has arrived.

The next season could possibly tackle the mystery of the Kaiju boy and the group of Sisters, along with what happened to Taylor and Hayley’s parents.

Trailer: Pacific Rim: The Black

The Trailer for the second season is yet to be out.

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