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Demi Lovato Says her failed Engagement to Max Ehrich Offered a “Huge Sign” About her Sexuality

Demi Lovato has always been open about herself. She remains vocal about change. In a recent interview, Lovato talked of her mental health and the drug overdose that almost took her life. She mentioned her brief engagement with Max Ehrich and how their breakup helped her come to terms with her own sexuality and at last, how proud she is of who she has become. All of this accumulated in an eye-opening interview where Lovato happily explained her life choices and what she plans to do in the future.

About: Demi Lovato

Anyone who spent the 2000s and 2010’s on Disney Channel knew Demi Lovato. She was a part of not only the musical movie “Camp Rock” as well as the sequel, but also played the main character in “Sonny With a Chance”. Lovato’s songs and voice are famous far and wide. She began her musical career in 2008, releasing “Don’t Forget” as her debut album. Since then, Lovato has been on a spree and released around six albums. “Sorry Not Sorry” from “Tell me You Love Me” remains one of her best hits in the United States of America.

Her talent has been greatly appreciated as Lovato has received many awards. These include MTV Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards and People’s Choice Awards. Lovato has never been shy about raising her voice for those who need it. She has supported many social causes.

Sexuality and Exploring oneself

Lovato was briefly engaged to actor Max Ehrich. However, the two broke it off only a few months after they had started dating. In a current interview with Glamour’s March edition, Lovato spoke of her queer identity.

According to her, the short engagement with Ehrich made her realize things about herself and her sexuality. Furthermore, it served as an “eye-opener”.  “Being engaged to a man” helped her make sense of all of this more clearly. While Lovato now knows how she will identify herself, she refused to disclose that piece of information to the public. She is patiently waiting for a ‘specific timeline’ to reveal that tag to the world.

Lovato has explained how being in different relationships helped her reach a conclusion about her own sexuality. Being with people helped and slowly she has come to understand that she is queer. While she has known about her queer identity she was young, the recent steps have helped her clarify a lot of ideas. In an interview, Lovato revealed a lot of her songs were written for girls.

Mental Health Struggle

In the same interview, along with some other outlets, Lovato spoke about the mental health issues she had to face. She touched upon the 2018-overdose, explaining what really happened to her. In a podcast, Lovato explained that sometimes drugs were the only way to keep her afloat. At times when she felt suicidal, it was important for her to use substance else she would have spiralled down the self-harm path. She could have ended up doing something she would regret. Lovato talked about her issues and explained that she was in extreme pain and did not want to die, but also did not know what she could do.

She confirmed that as of the moment, she has stopped using the substance which led to her overdose, but she is not sure if it is wise to stop drinking or taking some weed. She ended on a positive note, saying she was very proud of where she stood at the moment. As she said, “…sometimes I get sad when I think of the pain that I had to endure to overcome what I have, but I don’t regret anything.”