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Olivia Munn sends messages to celebrities who stay “QUIET” amid Increased Violence Against Asians

In recent years, there has been a spike in racism against all and every ‘different’ ethnicity. While the “Black Live Movement” brought forward a very important factor in front of the world, the other ethnicities remain obscured. Recently, hate against Asians has increased dramatically in the United States of America. Many celebrities spoke up about this hate in a recent broadcast, including Olivia Munn.

About: Olivia Munn

Full name Olivia Lisa Munn, this American actress was born in Oklahoma City. She traces different European and Vietnamese heritage of Chinee descent. Her childhood was spent in Utah, Tokyo and Oklahoma City. Munn started her career by grabbing the job of a television host for the gaming network G4 for about four years.

Munn worked as an actress from 2006, doing series like “Beyond the Break” and movies such as “Iron Man 2” and “Magic Mike”. Most recently, her portrayal of Psylocke in “X-Men: Apocalypse” garnered her great attention. She was the leading role in the fourth instalment of the “Predator”  anthology.

Increased Violence Against Asian-Americans

Even since the COVID-19 Pandemic broke out, the racism against Asian-Americans has increased tenfold. Verbal harassment, physical Assault and in a disturbing turn of events, being spat or coughed on is some of the many ways people have been assaulting Asian-Americans. A very large number of the Asian-American population has expressed that they have faced hate due to their ethnicity.

The source of the virus was located in Wuhan, China. Pushed by the last President of the United States, Donald Trump, racism has been on an all-time high. As long as someone closely resembles a Chinese in America, they have been harassed and assaulted. This is not an incident which is one way- Asian people who wear a mask or not wear a mask have to face the consequences of this hate. It is an extremely toxic environment for Asian-Americans as they are assaulted in public places like parks, grocery shops and even roads and subways.

Munn’s Statement against racism

Recently, cases of assault against those of Asian ethnicity has increased. In a disturbing set of events, a video was captured were a man was violently manhandling an old Chinese woman, throwing her on the ground in New York City. The woman had to get stitches on her head.  The video soon gathered momentum on Social Media and actress Olivia Munn was one of the actresses to push for the man’s arrest. She used her Social Media platforms to circulate the video and make sure that the culprit was caught. Thankfully, the man was arrested on the charges of assault and harassment within a week.

In her statement, Munn explained how she was deeply saddened by the hate that was emerging against the Asian-Americans. While on NBC special to discuss the hate that has only increased in the recent past, Munn expressed how disappointed she was with the celebrities who did not speak up. She used her Instagram to share posts with “Stop Asian Hate” in capital letters. Only between March and December 2020, over 2800 cases of such incidents of hate have been reported, and the actual numbers are thought to be unprecedented.

She also expressed how selective the industry is. While many brands and celebrities rose together during the “Black Lives Movement”, they have remained mum when it comes to Asian-Americans.