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The Witcher Season 2: Release Date and More Latest News About The Fan Favorite Video Game Turned Netflix Series

2019 might be two years ago, but fans of “The Witcher” still rewatch it on loop. Due to the fantastical nature, “The Witcher” remains one of the most-watched and adored series. The show is based on the short stories collection called “The Last Wish” and “Sword of Destiny”. Fans were greeted with eight episodes in the first season and can expect the same for the second one. Ever since its release, fans have eagerly waited for the release of the next season.

The good news is, the second season has been announced even before the first season was released. The bad news is, due to COVID, production was postponed. As of now, the series is in the last stages of its filming. If all goes to plan, fans might be able to see the show in the latter half of 2021. Most recently, it was revealed that Henry Cavill finished a fighting sequence. Fans can thus expect a good action time in the new season.

Release Date: The Witcher Season 2

As mentioned before, “The Witcher” is still in the last stages of filming.  It is due to release sometime in 2021, but due to ongoing production, it is plausible that we will not see it before July. To binge-watch the existing episode, fans will have to tune in to Netflix.

The production for the show will supposedly go on till July. The first season released in December 2019, just a month after the work was done. If things go according to plan, maybe fans can expect the second season in August 2021.

Cast: The Witcher Season 2

The whole main cast will return for the second season of “The Witcher”. Henry Cavill will play the titular character. There are reports which suggest actors will be joining the crew.  Jo Mariott and Darius James have been reportedly signed on for the roles of Nilfgaardian generals.  The two will supposedly play General Hate and General Gerhen. However, it must be pointed out that any knowledge of casting and such will remain speculative until Netflix announces further details for the second season.

Plot: The Witcher

“The Witcher” is set in a world known as “the Continent” and is a fantasy show, with just enough pinch of drama. This place is medieval-like. The main protagonist of the show is Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter who is more commonly knows as “the witcher”. He has been magically enhanced to gain this ability. Through a destiny, he is linked to the Citran Princess names Cirilla or Ciri. She is the crown princess. Ciri too has magical powers. Somehow, mixed in all of this a sorceress, who also happens to be one-fourth elf. On many occasions, Yennefer of Vengerberg meets Geralt.

These characters follow their own storylines, each set in various different times. Through different events and happening they come together into a single timeline.

Storyline: The Witcher

The last we saw of these characters, there was a battle raging around. Geralt was fighting undead monsters and protecting a merchant, but became unconscious in the process. Ciri awakened and was led to the merchant’s farm, whom the Witcher had protected. On arrival, the two meet and fall in each other’s arms.

On the other hand, Yennefer protected the fort by using fire but disappeared from sight. Towards the end, Ciri asked Geralt about Yennefer’s identity.

Trailer: The Witcher