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Descendants Cast returns for Animated Royal Wedding Special

After three years, the engagement between Prince Ben and Mal is finally turning into a wedding. Following the last movie, “Descendants 3”, “Descendants: The Royal Wedding” will be an animated special that would showcase the wedding between these two sweethearts. It will be the wedding of the century, according to the sources, taking place this summer. Though an important part of the cast, Cameron Boyce, has passed on to the next world, the rest of the cast will be reuniting to celebrate this occasion. Cameron will not be forgotten either. Here are the details of the upcoming animation.

Release Date: Descendants: the Royal Wedding

This Royal Wedding will arrive at everyone’s doorsteps sometime in Summer. The exact date is unavailable to us, but this animated sequel will be available to watch on Disney+.

Cast: Descendants: the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding will feature the wedding of Man and Ben, so Dove Cameron and Mitchell Hope will definitely be back voicing their characters. The rest of the cast will be back as well, voicing the characters we have come to grow and love over the last three “Descendants” movies.

Sadly, Cameron Boyce, who played the role of Carlos, the son of Cruella De Vil, passed away a month before the premiere of the third installment of the series. Creators have confirmed that Carlos will not appear in the movie, but unlike other ventures, he will not be forgotten. His absence from the story would be acknowledged and Boyce’s memory would be honored as well.

Plot: Descendants

“Descendants” follows the lives of four kids, whose parents are Disney Villains. By the proclamation of Ben, the son of Belle and Beast and soon to be king, these teenagers would be allowed to get a chance to live in the United States of Auradon. The children that are chosen end up being Mal, Maleficent’s daughter, Carlos, Cruella’s son, Jay, Jafar’s kid and Evie, the Evil Queen’s daughter. Before leaving for Auradon, they are tasked by Maleficent to steal the Fairy Godmother’s magic wand. This wand would be powerful enough to rest the barrier around the Isle of the Lost, where all villains were shunned.

Storyline: Descendants 3

In the last movie, Mal and Ben get engaged. meanwhile, the children of the villains decide to bring four more villain kids to Auradon in order to show them another way of living. While preparing for the role of the future Queen, Mal decides that something needs to be done about the distance between Auradon and the Isle of the Lost. While at first, she thinks about cutting of the isle forever taking into account the attacks from Uma, Ursula’s daughter and Hades trying to escape. However, after facing betrayal and the nature of people by Audrey, Princess Aurora’s daughter, she decides it would be wiser to create a bridge between the two worlds. She firmly believes that a person is not inherently evil or good, and therefore by bridging the gap they would be able to give everyone a better chance.

Trailer: Descendants: the Royal Wedding