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Umbrella Academy Season 3: Let’s know about the members of the Sparrow Academy

The second season of “The Umbrella Academy” was nothing short of shocking. We had a bittersweet ending, with Vanya leaving Sissy and Harlan behind, Allison letting go of her husband Ray, Ben finally moving on and everybody surviving yet another apocalypse. However, in a shocking turn of events, the 2019 they returned to is not exactly the one they remember.

Sir Reginald Hargreeves, their adopter father, ended up adopting another group. The Academy came to be known as The Sparrow Academy. The children he adopted included Ben, but not the same Number 6 that fans might remember. Not only that, there were five other children- and a cube- who made up the newly reformed Sparrow Academy.

The members of The Umbrella Academy

Before we move on to learn more about the new members of the Sparrow Academy, let us do a headcount.

  • Luther Hargreeves, aka Number One. He had super strength and was the leader of the team.
  • Diego Hargreeves aka Number Two. He had the telekinetic ability to bend the trajectory of things he threw, especially knives.
  • Allison Hargreeves, aka Number Three. By using the phrase, “I heard a rumour”, she was able to bend to control others’ minds.
  • Klaus Hargreeves, aka Number Four. The one who could communicate with the dead and was even able to make them corporal for some moments.
  • Five Hargreeves or just Number Five. He travelled through space and time and was struck in the body of his thirteen-year-old self.
  • Ben Hargreeves or Number Six. He had died but stuck around with Klaus. He chad tentacles, or could at least control them.
  • Vanya Hargreeves or Number Seven. At first, she was the ordinary one. However, after a turn of events, we learn that Vanya could control sounds and was perhaps the strongest of all her siblings.

Now that we have refreshed our memories, let us have a look at the newest additions. The members of the Sparrow Academy.

Marcus aka Sparrow #1

Marcus will probably be one of those characters you end up liking a lot. We know he is good looking, a charmer and is a natural leader. Being Number One, it is not hard to infer that he would be the leader of the Sparrow Academy. He is said to be the one who binds the family together.

Portraying this character on screen will be Justin Cornwell.


Ben aka Sparrow #2

Let’s be honest, We all loved Ben. He was sweet, calming and the voice of reason when it came to Klaus and his horrible choices. He was Number Six when we knew him. In The Sparrow Academy, however, he is Number two. He is not sweet, but definitely sharp and ambitious. He too is fighting to at least earn the status of the leader, as has been the case with Number Two.

Ben can truly be played by none other than Justin H. Min.

Fei aka Sparrow #3

She is a special one. Fei is intelligent and smart. Perhaps, she could even challenge Five. It someone needs to get things sorted out and clauses are negotiated, she is the person, but a warning has been issued that no one makes her angry. That would certainly not end well for anyone.

Fei will be played by Britne Oldford.

Alphonso aka Sparrow #4

We know his food of choice is Pizza and his beverage of choice is beer. Alphonso has a sense of humour and fights with his enemies verbally as much as he fights them physically.

He will be played by Jake Epstein.

Sloane aka Sparrow #5

Among the madness of this family, we have a romantic. Sloane wants to see the world and she is a dreamer. her loyalty to her family is keeping her bound, but she has been keeping plans. A warning has been issued that Sloane might just end up acting on those plans. What this would mean for others, we do not know.

Genesis Rodriguez will be playing the role of Sloane.

Jayme aka Sparrow #6

Now she is a loner. Jayme will rather not talk to anyone. If you cross her path, beware of the snarl that could chill you down to your bones. her friend is Alphonso and doesn’t that make them an interesting pair? It has been made clear that she doesn’t speak because she does not need to. Whatever this means, well, we are still wondering.

She will be played by Cazzie David.

Christopher aka Sparrow #7

Perhaps THE most confusing member of the Sparrow Academy. There is no simple way of saying it, Christopher is a cube, or rather, an Existential Dread Inducing Psykronium Cube, who also just happens to be telekinetic. The special powers that come with Christopher include turning the room freezing cold and inducing fear. What’s interesting is that Christopher is the voice of reason.

Unfortunately, we have no idea who is playing this voice of reason. We don’t even know if Christopher will have a voice.

There is no doubt that the Sparrow Academy is a tad bit different from the Umbrella Academy. How this will go forward, we do not know. That does not mean we are any less excited to see the new season of “The Umbrella Academy”.