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Millionaire Stephen Cloobeck sues his former girlfriend and Instagram model Stefanie Gurzanski for clicking racy pictures for OnlyFans in his Mansion by trickery.

Millionaire Stephen Cloobeck sues his former girlfriend and Instagram model Stefanie Gurzanski after accusing her of tricking him and using his mansion and jets to snap racy pictures of her to sell it on a pornography site OnlyFans.

About: Stephen J. Cloobeck suing former girlfriend and model Stefanie Gurzanski

Stephen Cloobeck mogul in Las Vegas has apparently sued his girlfriend Stefanie Gurzanski for snapping racy pictures of her in Stephen’s mansion and private jets.

According to a report published by Daily Mail, Stephanie was using the 59-year-old millionaire for the luxury he provided. Cloobeck filed a lawsuit against the 26-year-old model this Monday and also appealed for a restraining order against her in a court in Los Angeles.

In the filings, the mogul accused Stephanie of being a con artist as well as for posting nudes with a backdrop of Cloobeck’s property such as his mansion and private jets to a subscribed pornography site OnlyFans.

Gurzanski is well known for posting raunchy and saucy pictures of her on her Instagram accounts where she is followed by nearly 1.8 million followers.

The filings also stated that in their short-lived relationship of six months Stephanie tricked the millionaire into gifting her expensive and lavish gifts as she professed her undying love for him.

Other than that, Cloobeck also informed that Stephanie was not actually a legitimate fashion model, and she actually made money by selling her nude pictures to OnlyFans which featured the millionaire property’s as a glamorous background.

Gurzanski who supposedly also goes by the name Stefanie Knight was accused by Cloobeck of faking fashion shoots and snapping pictures that were never published as well as for bribing people into putting her photographs on the covers of foreign magazines.

Cloobeck was married before and divorced his wife of 22 years. Soon he and Gurzanski were introduced to each other through a mutual friend last year.

Cloobeck spent nearly $1.3 million in their relationship buying costly accessories for her which included brands such as Louis Vuitton, Sephora, Richemont jewelry, along with Dior and paying for the various parties that Gurzanski organized as well as making trips on his private jet must have cost him a fortune. The millionaire also paid the amount of her lease for an extravagant penthouse in the exclusive area of Beverly Hills.

When Cloobeck filed the case against his former younger partner in January, Gurzanski didn’t take it lightly and soon filed a lawsuit against the mogul as well stating that Cloobeck has filed false accusations against her because he wanted her to return to him.

The mogul was the founder of Diamond Resorts International as well as the Resorts’ former CEO. Cloobeck is also a known donor in the Democratic and was also seen once in the television series Undercover Boss with his estimated net worth to be around $100 million.

Certain statements filed in the lawsuit also included that Gurzanski was snapping nude photos while his teenage daughter was in the same house.

There was one photo on the site which consisted of Gurzanski posing for a topless picture with only wearing a yarmulke which is apparently from the collection of Cloobeck’s son’s bar mitzvah.

Cloobeck also stated that Gurzanski tried to prevent him from using Reddit and Discord in September as the model’s nude pictures were usually shared on those websites by insisting that the sites would corrupt his phone.