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Rick Owens Gives A Makeover To Dr. Martens 1460 Bex Boots

Who can design goth clothing better than Rick Owens? He has finally collaborated with Dr. Martens to bring to the world a whole new style. Owens brought a novel twist to Dr. Martens’ 1460 Bex Platform Sole Boot with lacing at the eyelets and across the ankle. It also has a metallic zipper. Altogether, it resonates a very ‘underground’ vibe that people interested in the grunge aesthetic would appreciate immensely. The initial version of this boot was launched back in the 1990s, so this combines both classic and modern elements.

Release Date: New 1460 Bex Boot

This collaboration has two parts. The first release will be on March 20 while the second will be launched sometime in May. The cost of the boot is yet to be revealed, but one thing is certain – it will not be cheap. It will be available for purchase on the official Dr. Martens website, which describes the collaboration as a fusion of ‘renaissance’ and ‘dark, underground aesthetic’. Owens himself is very satisfied and excited with the collaboration and stated that the rawness that Dr. Martens possesses is what made him believe that it was something that he could work with. Ever since the first look images of the boots were revealed, many have been excited to own a pair and to see what else these united brands have in store for them in May.

About: Rick Owens

Rick Owens is a fashion designer from California who has been in the fashion industry for decades now. He started his first clothing line in 1994 and eventually established more fashion labels and companies. As of now, he has established 5 labels. His most popular designs include the Creatch cargo pants, Stooges leather jacket, and Geobaskets and collections such as the Plinth, Vicious, and Sphinx. He has also been recognized through several awards and has published three books. Moreover, he also works on furniture designing and has gained plenty from that experience as well. The specialty of his designs is the amalgamation of dark and heavenly vibes with prehistoric and post-apocalyptic elements. He is, therefore, dubbed as the “Lord of Darkness” in the fashion industry.

About: Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is a British clothing and footwear brand that was first established in Germany by Klaus Märtens in 1947. Märtens, a doctor during war, first designed boots that were actually comfortable to wear when he was wounded. It did not instantly gain success but took a while to hit off in the market. Eventually, it gained attraction from customers in the United Kingdom, leading to the setting up of headquarters in London. The brand subsequently expanded its consumers and production across the world. The brand did do great for a while, but two years ago, it was reported that its quality has deteriorated since production started in Asia. However, the company denies any aberrance in the raw materials and processes involved and asserts that they have not done anything to compromise the quality of their products. The products are designed in such as manner that it provides as much comfort possible to the owners keeping in mind the wear and tear aspect as well.