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Gravity Falls Season 3 Confirmed Release Date 2021; Click To Know More

Okay, if you have grown up without watching cartoons, then something definitely is wrong with you. There must be at least one cartoon you really close to your heart. Well just like any of those, we have Gravity falls here. The cartoon still can catch anyone’s attention and I’m sure you will not mind binge-watching it for hours and hours. The brilliant cartoon show is an incredible creation of Alex Hirsch.

The Disney Network a few years back launched Gravity Falls particularly in the year 2012 and ever since then it has managed to maintain its fanbase. We have already seen two seasons, though there was a prominent 2 years gap between the two seasons, yet the fans continued to be loyal towards the show. Now there have been many talks of getting a third season for the show. Let’s just quickly see how much of it is actually true.

Is There Any Chance For Gravity Falls Season 3

Unfortunately, we have to tell you the truth, you will never get to see Gravity Falls season 3 as it will never release, thus will never appear on your TV screen. All the rumors about the show’s renewal for a third season happen to be absolutely wrong and false statements. But there is some news that says Alex Hirsch is planning to make a single spin-off episode for the show Gravity Falls. Though the statement is still not trustworthy yet. There is no denying the show received immense love and attention from the audience from everywhere around the world.

The show happens to be officially canceled by the creators. Season 2 is the final season of the show which released back in 2015. All the characters of the show have been loved by the audience. We definitely would have loved to see the funny and mysterious gravity fall cartoon characters again with a brand new season. But nevertheless, we cannot change the truth, there are only going to be two seasons for the show.

Let’s Give You A Recap Of The Show Gravity Falls

The story of the show is based on a beautiful journey revolving around a summer vacation trip of two kids, Dipper and Mabel. They happen to be twins of the Pine family. During their summer holidays, they decided to stay with their great uncle, named Grunkle Stan. Grunkle happens to stay in the mysterious land of Gravity Falls. The place is definitely all about thousands of mysteries and mixed adventures. Soon, the two kids go for a search and discover many of the hidden truths about the town.

The two kids gradually revealed all the secrets which have been hidden all these while in Gravity Falls. Dipper was the one who by luck found a journal in the nearby mysterious scary jungle. Accordingly, he one by one solved the mysteries and discovers the truths about the town with the help of the journal. The two siblings spend all of their vacation holidays making discoveries and gaining experiences through various thrilling adventures with new mysteries coming on their way.