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We Wanted Enough Ambassadors to Ensure That the Entire World Knew About FENIX360. Said “We’re Well on Our Way!”

FENIX360 has finally revealed its new Global Artist Ambassadors for the season 2021. A brand new batch of 16 highly well-accomplished artists has selected this year. All are enthusiastic about achieving such a big platform like FENIX360. They are looking forward to interacting with artists, friends, and others around the world. They will talk about the beholding opportunities which FENIX360 especially owns for all the culminary artist. Let me take you through all the details.

The sixteen new ambassadors of FENIX360.

These ambassadors who are all currently selected for FENIX360 are now on their way of giving interviews to various media channels. FENIX is a big platform and to get an opportunity there is not a simple thing, we all want to know about the ambassadors even more than necessary, we want to know about their careers, about their past lives and most importantly how the decisions to join FENIX360 came to their mind. All the ambassadors are extremely talented and recognized.

The Name and Achievements of the Ambassadors

  • Cady Huffman was nominated for Emmy Award and has also won Tony Award.
  • Laura Tuny a winner of the Argentinian star of music. He is also involved in TV and film.
  • Karen Mason has won awards for winning star of music, and also for his work in TV and film.
  • Eric Fegan has won awards for best composer and orchestrator.
  • Jon Jaffe is born in Boston, a renowned guitarist.
  • Nick Throop globally famous musician.
  • Nathaniel Lanier composes music for various TV shows and films.
  • Joseph Allen works in TV and theatre shows.
  • Roger Dawley known for his Theatre shows.
  • Justin Sargent is known for his movies, Spiderman and Rock of Ages.
  • Franco Giacomarra has won awards for the best content creator.
  • Sarah Kleist a renowned and famous web designer, brand builder, and extremely talented performer.
  • Seth Nicholson has won awards for his musical skills. He is a famous music engineer.
  • Lauren Robinson, a gorgeous actress and singer.
  • Tess Primack is known for the famous show Fiddler on the Roof.
  • TUCKER a famous pop star.

They all came on duty on Monday itself which shows how compassionate and excited are to work for FENIX360. In total there are 45 extraordinary well-established ambassadors. As they are going this fast, we are expecting the number might go to be 189 soon. The ambassadors will work their best and put all in their efforts to reach out through all the corners of the world.


FENIX came into the line during the year 2018. They started working for building a blockchain closed ecosystem specially designed to help all the musicians out there to earn something out of their talent, whether they are established or not, everyone will get a chance in this platform to establish their name. The main theme behind FENIX is to use all the profit earned by it and giving them to the following artist, just an amount necessary to run FENIX will be kept aside and the rest will be distributed out. FENIX is day by day working harder and harder and incorporating a new mechanism for the betterment of the artists. It’s going to be a revolution for the artist’s betterment and success.



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